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Express STD Testing, an online sexually transmitted disease testing service, would like to reach out to people across the country who may be looking to get tested. The site offers fast and accurate testing that is 100% private. Clients often get their test results back within one or two days. The service is also completely safe, as all their tests are approved and cleared by the FDA.

Getting tested with Express STD Testing is a relatively simple process. The first step is to order a test either discreetly online or by phone. The process is fast, secure and easy and the client can choose from specific tests for specific diseases or they can order a full panel test. The second step is to visit one of the 4500 Express STD Testing centers across the country. One does not need an appointment, and a visit to one of these locations normally takes about five minutes. The test results are usually processed within 24-72 hours, and one can access their results online through a secure patient login.

“There is nothing as important as having control over your sexual health,” says Express STD Testing. “This will only happen if you know your status. We exist to make sure you go through the STD testing process safely and conveniently. You can rest assured that our tests and testing processes are safe since they are approved and cleared by the FDA. The testing centers are CLIA-certified and are all over the country for your convenience. The most important thing for us is providing accurate STD testing and your privacy. Your medical information will be safe with us throughout the testing process. Be in charge of your sexual health and be part of the fight against STDs. Get tested today.”

The service is unique in that it is completely private. It does not go through the client’s insurance, and no one but the patient has access to their results. Even one’s permanent medical records remain untouched. The testing process is also very fast, taking only a few days from receiving the testing kit to getting a full set of results.

An STD is a disease or infection caused by a parasite, bacteria or virus that spreads from one person to another through sexual activities. Many go unnoticed because they do not display any obvious symptoms, which is why STD testing is the only real way to know if one is infected or not. However, there are certain STD symptoms that are shared by several different infections — and which are always a sure sign that getting tested might be a good idea. STD symptoms can also mimic the symptoms of other infections, so testing is still necessary even when one displays all the symptoms of a particular disease.

Express STD Testing offers a new, safer method of STD testing. The testing service’s main aim is to spread awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and provide a quick, efficient and discreet way for the public to find out their status. In addition to providing quick, discreet testing, Express STD Testing has many doctors available to offer professional consultation in case the results are positive.

“In case your results come back positive for an STD, we have qualified doctors ready to guide you through the next steps,” says the STD testing service. “The doctors will take you through the meaning of the results and will prescribe the best treatment options for you. You can ask the doctor any questions you might have, and they will professionally answer you. Our doctors will guide you through the process of understanding your results and will recommend the best treatment options. You will also get advice on what else you should do to ensure that the treatment process succeeds. You can test positive for an STD, get treated and test again and be positive for a second time. There are many factors behind this, such as engaging in sexual contact with someone with the same STD. If you have a sexual partner, you might want to get tested together and get treated. This will prevent reinfection. There are also chances of having more than one STD.”

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