Express STD Testing Now Offering Accurate Online STD Testing

People can now test anonimously for STDs.

Express STD Testing is an online STD testing company that provides online STD test in a private anonymous way. Recently, the company has announced that they will be offering accurate online STD tests aimed at encouraging privacy. This privacy is meant to encourage people to get tested without being stigmatized.

According to the company, “There is nothing as important as having control over your sexual health. This will only happen if you know your status. We exist to make sure you go through the STD testing process safely and conveniently. You can rest assured that our tests and testing processes are safe since they are approved and cleared by the FDA. The testing centers are CLIA-certified and are all over the country for convenience purposes. The most important thing for us is providing accurate STD testing and your privacy. Your medical information will be safe with us throughout the testing process.”

The company also said that they have many clinics in different area, “When you choose, you will be settling for convenient and speedy STD testing. Our thousands of testing centers will make sure that you have an STD testing facility near you. All these centers will give you access to doctors and specialists who will guide you in case of a positive result. Our STD tests have been cleared and approved by the FDA, and have CLIA certification.”

The website also offers information about different STDs and how they spread.

For more information about STD testing and how the online STD testing works, visit the Express STD Testing website.


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Express STD Testing
Jack Lombardi