Express STD Has Posted New Information About Hepatitis C

Express STD Testing is a professional company that provides STD testing services that are private and confidential. The company provides affordable hepatitis C testing and also a lot of hepatitis C information.

According to the site, “Hepatitis C refers to a long-lasting infection that affects the liver and is the most common blood-borne infection in the US. This infection was discovered in 1989 and does not have symptoms most of the times. When symptoms appear, they can be confused with the flu. Acute hepatitis C refers to the first 6 months of the infection. If caught early, it is possible to arrest the infection from progressing to the next stage. After the first 6 months, this infection will progress to the chronic stage which is more serious and can lead to liver cancer, liver failure, and death. According to the CDC, over 2.7 million people have hepatitis C in America.”

They also provides hepatitis C symptoms, “Normally, hepatitis C does not have any symptoms. This is the reason why there are many people living with the infection and are not aware. When symptoms of acute hepatitis appear, they include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fatigue and fever. These resemble symptoms of the flu. Other symptoms may include gray colored stool, dark urine, joint pain, and jaundice. Chronic hepatitis C does not have symptoms for a long time. Symptoms will show after liver damage has occurred and this can be dangerous. Symptoms may include excessive bleeding, weight loss, joint pain, abdominal pain, and other indicators that show the liver is not performing as expected.

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