Executive Corporate Housing Launches New Website

Denver, Colorado based corporate accommodation specialist Executive Corporate Housing is pleased to announce that they have just launched their new website. They offer easy access to corporate housing in a number of cities, including Kansas City, Las Vegas and many more, in addition to Denver. Their new website provides detailed information on what the company does, how clients can contact their team and so on. The Denver company offers a number of housing related services, namely pet friendly housing, off base military housing, temporary housing for healthcare and more. Visit their new website at https://www.executivecorporatehousing.com/.

As business accommodation specialists, Executive Corporate Housing helps a number of clients find housing for a variety of purposes. Whether the client is traveling on business, setting up a new branch or office or working at a different office, Executive Corporate Housing has the resources to help.

“We regularly work with corporations, small businesses, contractors, freelancers, employees, consultants and anyone who stays away from home on business,” the company says. “We would be happy to work with you too! Executive Corporate Housing provides fully furnished apartments and homes across the country. With thousands of locations across most popular towns and cities, we’re confident we have what you’re looking for at a price that’s right. All apartments are maintained ready to move in and include all furnishings, appliances, housewares and everything you’re likely to need. All you need do is arrive and unpack!”

There are a number of corporate housing options to choose from, including studio and one, two three or more bedroom properties. Every property is fully furnished and equipped with modern appliances along with internet, cable and satellite TV. Each accommodation option comes with private spaces for everyone to relax and a number of amenities with fully inclusive rental prices. Executive Corporate Housing remains one of the easiest ways to accommodate staff when away on business. They have worked with all types of companies and have become the go-to option for anyone looking to be away from home for 28 days or more on business.

With dozens of locations all over the country, Executive Corporate Housing is confident that clients can always find a place to stay when traveling on business. From interns to representatives of global enterprises, Executive Corporate Housing can help, and their team of rental specialists is dedicated to helping clients find the right location for their needs. For instance, they go to great lengths to take a wide variety of budgets into account. Corporate housing is preferable to paying for a hotel room (due to the fact that it is usually a lot cheaper for stays of up to 28 days or more). Executive Corporate Housing takes this into account when helping clients find a place to stay. Visit the following link for more information on the company’s services: https://www.executivecorporatehousing.com/services/.

“The benefits of corporate housing are numerous, but the most important one is value,” says Executive Corporate Housing. “You get more space than a hotel. More amenities, more privacy, quieter accommodation, separate dining and sleeping areas, a full kitchen and bathroom and all the comforts of home for half the price of a comparable hotel room when you stay a month or more. Given that these offers include all bills, internet, TV, balcony or patio, use of all development amenities, parking and some amazing locations, you’ll find that value hard to beat! Ask your staff where they would prefer to live, their own furnished apartment or in a hotel. We bet the majority would rather spend a month or more in an apartment than a hotel room! You can give them exactly what they want — while spending less. That’s only possible with corporate rentals, and Executive Corporate Housing! Contact our team the next time you need corporate accommodation anywhere in the United States!”

Visit https://www.executivecorporatehousing.com/browse-list/ to look through some of the corporate accommodation options available across the country. Get in contact with Executive Corporate Housing for more information on the company’s rental services. They are always happy to help their clients find affordable, comfortable accommodation anywhere in the country.


For more information about Executive Corporate Housing, contact the company here:

Executive Corporate Housing
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