Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Offers Holistic Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Hawaii

Hakalau, Hawaii -

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, a rehab facility based in Hakalau, HI, wants to inform everyone that when it comes to dual diagnosis treatment Hawaii their clients, including non-residents, are provided with a luxury environment and get treated using a holistic approach that takes into account the whole person. It is important to note that when people are enjoying a high level of comfort and combined with luxurious amenities, such as delicious, healthy meals, the mind and body become more receptive to therapeutic methods. In addition, dual diagnosis clients also get to enjoy various activities, such as yoga, art therapy, water healing, and other natural approaches and outlets. The rehab facility has actually helped hundreds of clients successfully overcome their addiction in ways that they never thought were possible.

A spokesperson for Exclusive Hawaii Rehab says, “People often forget the importance of having a peaceful and private environment around them to promote higher odds of success during treatment. However, evidence has proven time and time again that an individual’s atmosphere has a profound effect on mental and physical wellness. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, all critical elements come together to form the perfect recipe for recovery from dual diagnosis challenges. We provide the traditional scientific and medical approaches to co-occurring disorders – but we also incorporate a holistic element into our client’s personalized treatment plan.”

Dual diagnosis treatment in Hawaii offered by the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab provides luxury care with a holistic, non 12 step approach

They want to point out that while dual diagnosis means the individual has two challenges to deal with, i.e. the substance abuse problem and a mental health issue, long-term recovery from dual diagnosis is possible with the personalized treatment offered in a luxury environment, and provided by the quality staff. Using a custom treatment plan, the staff can guide the client in their personal journey toward recovery from the addiction and the mental health problem.

Meanwhile, the experts at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab are also aware of people suffering from high functioning addiction and can also offer their help. Those who have a high functioning addiction are able to conceal their addiction problem and externally they can make it seem like there’s no problem. A number of them are able to exercise some control over their substance use and may even be able to avoid using excessive amounts that make them obviously intoxicated. They may be executives, lawyers, doctors and other respected individuals in society.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers addiction treatment for the C-suite, which is targeted toward executives who find it difficult to seek help for their substance abuse problems. This particular type of treatment considers the unique challenges faced by executives and other professionals who are suffering from substance abuse disorder. These clients need an inpatient program that they can attend without making it obvious to their peers and employees. Privacy is also important for them and they may also not want to alert their families and loved ones. The location of the rehab facility in Hawaii makes it easier for executives to have privacy and prevent their peers and employees from finding out about their condition.

Started in 2003, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a private luxury drug rehab and alcohol treatment center that is strategically found on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is considered by many to be “the healing island”. Located on a tranquil and majestic cliff facing the Pacific Ocean, clients are provided with a safe and nurturing environment that is appropriate for individuals who are embarking on a journey towards recovery from their addiction. Their holistic, non 12-step rehab can be tailor-fitted for every client to comply with their particular needs and wants and is a cohesive and comprehensive path to recovery that can provide the client with the means to escape from the addiction trap.

Meanwhile, there is also such a thing as a high functioning depression. Unlike most other forms of depression where the individual may be unaware of their problem, people who have this kind of depression are very much aware of it and make a conscious effort to conceal it. They want to point out that Hawaii is the perfect place for treating this kind of depression because of the location’s positive energy and healing characteristics.

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