Everyday California Launches New Website For La Jolla Snorkeling Rental & Adventure

La Jolla, CA based Everyday California recently launched a new website that aims to give their community more convenient access to their various products and services. Everyday California makes ocean adventures more accessible, comfortable and stylish for their customers, and their new website has been designed from the ground up to reflect this ethos.

Everyday California seeks to promote a way of living that is more in tune with nature and what it has to offer, and they achieve this by taking their community kayaking, whale watching, surfing, snorkeling and more (with kayaks and snorkeling gear available for rental). Many who are new to these sports or lifestyles will want to begin by browsing the company’s various classes to consider what would suit them best for an initial exploration (snorkeling is quite popular among newcomers). In time, however, they are welcome to get on board with Everyday California’s bigger offerings: tours.

Those who want to get out on the water for the first time but prefer to do so without a crowd may make use of the company’s private Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) lessons, for instance. Everyday California asserts that this activity is particularly forgiving to people of all skill levels, and the experience offers a unique view when it comes to exploring and watching the local marine life. The company says people may expect to come across vividly coloured garibaldi fish, dolphins and even sunbathing sea lions on these excursions.

Since safety is of paramount concern no matter what activity is planned, Everyday California employs experienced instructors who walk their group through the basics of paddle boarding and ocean safety on land. Following this, they will head out to paddle around and play with the local waves while the instructors ensure each individual is both having fun as well as progressing through the lessons at their own pace. In keeping with the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainable living, instructors routinely supplement their SUP lessons with insight on the La Jolla Shores, a unique Marine Protected Area.

More seasoned adventurers who are interested in adding a bit more variety to their ocean exploration are welcome to take part in the company’s La Jolla kayak and snorkeling tours. These trips include everything their Original Seven Sea Cave tour has to offer plus an amazing snorkel experience. Once the company’s experienced guides drop anchor, they will lead their group of adventurers through the beautiful waters to interact with the amazing sea life inhabiting the area (many of which can be seen while stand up paddleboarding as well). Notably, the snorkeling aspect of this option means that everyone is welcome to bring their underwater cameras to capture their favorite memories.

Customers should be aware that they are not required to bring any additional safety or swimming equipment to participate. The company provides all necessary items.

Notably, Everyday California has not been unduly affected by COVID-19 restrictions, largely due to the fact that their activities are based outdoors and therefore carry a much lower transmission risk. However, the company takes the safety of their staff and community extremely seriously, and a series of extra precautions have been implemented to further reduce the risk of transmission beyond what CDC Health officials currently require.

On the company’s side of the equation, a more intensive line of cleaning procedures follows and precedes every activity. Additionally, the shop states that they run, “a PRO-Cell UV Light Cleanser with Carbon Air Scrubber which eliminates airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other toxic organics.” Conversely, customers are required to maintain a distance of 6 feet between them at all times (and wear a mask when they show up for the curbside check-in). While both single and double kayaks are available, the latter is reserved only for those who are dwelling or quarantining together. Families and couples living together, for instance, may request the double kayaks without issue.

To browse the adventures, apparel and more available at Everyday California, customers may visit their new website here: https://www.everydaycalifornia.com/. Everyday California can also be reached through their social media platforms.


For more information about Everyday California, contact the company here:

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