Eternal Hair & Esthetics Is Offering The DFI Hair Transplant Technique In All Hair Transplant Procedures

Eternal Hair & Esthetics, a clinic specializing in hair restoration and aesthetic procedures for men and women, is offering the DFI hair transplant technique in all of its hair transplant procedures. DFI stands for Direct Follicle Implant and it is an innovative technology that is considered a gold standard for hair transplants due to its natural results and very high (up to 98%) success rate.

In the DFI Technique, follicles are implanted one by one directly into the area that is suffering from male pattern baldness or alopecia. A specially designed and exclusive implantation tool is used to implant each follicle in a specific direction, angle, and depth. This method guarantees that the implanted hair will continue to grow throughout the patient’s lifetime, and will not fall out. The implanted hair has an all-natural look that is more aesthetically appealing. The precise control over the direction angle and depth of the implanted area is the secret behind the effectiveness of the DFI technique.

DFI Hair Transplant

With DFI, there is minimum manipulation of the hair follicles. The follicles are out of the scalp for a very short time only. This guarantees the viability and the success rate of the procedure up to 98%. In the DFI technique, there is no dissection of follicles under a microscope once extracted due to which the roots of the follicles do not suffer any type of trauma or over-manipulation. There are no holes or prior incisions created in the recipient area of the scalp before the hair follicle is implanted.

The clinic’s certified specialists have been trained on the Eternal Hair Exclusive DFI Method. Strict guidelines and safety protocols are followed by them in all procedures. The clinic does not follow the outdated FUT method. The specialists administer the treatment from start to finish while maintaining full control. The clinic’s hair grafts are placed in a special HypoThermosol solution, which reduces the trauma and increases the viability rate of the follicles. The clinic encourages clients to follow them on their Facebook Page to learn more about its procedures and safety precautions.

There are a few distinct advantages to the DFI hair transplant technique. The graft viability success rate is up to 98%, allowing more coverage for the patient’s needs. The hair follicles that are the most viable and genetically best suited to grow for a lifetime are selected and implanted. These hair follicles do not fall out. There are no scalpels, no stitches, no scars, and virtually no pain is reported from the DFI technique. No visual scarring occurs on the donor and implanted area, due to specially designed exclusive extraction and implantation tools that are 1.0 mm or less in diameter.

The DFI technique is much more preferred to the FUE or FUT technique of hair transplantation. The FUE technique involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area located on the lateral sides and back of the head, which are then implanted into the scalp where the hair is missing. The FUT technique involves the removal of an entire strip of skin and hair from the donor area from the back of the head, usually from ear to ear. The FUT technique is outdated, painful, and leaves visible scarring.

The clinic has a review score of 4.9 out of 5 from over 150 reviews on its Google My Business listing. A review of the clinic’s services by Michael La Posta says, “First off Omar who does all your booking is honest from the start and great to deal with straight through the entire process. I was beyond apprehensive to do hair restoration but he and answered all my questions prior to my procedure and has been a big help in the weeks following when you may not be feeling or looking your best prior to seeing the results which do not reach their full potential for 12 months. Aside from the great customer service the facility is spotless. If your thinking of hair restoration I would consider Eternal Hair & Esthetics.”

Potential clients can contact the clinic by finding information on its GMB location. There is also a contact form on the website for those who prefer to use that.


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