Essex Union Podiatry Offers Bunion Treatment

Caldwell, New Jersey based Essex Union Podiatry (EUP) would like to invite their community to make use of their bunion treatment services. Bunions are a fairly common medical issue, with almost one quarter of adults in the United States being affected in some way, shape or form. Essex Union Podiatry has the tools and expertise to help alleviate the symptoms and prevent recurrence.

The clinic offers comprehensive podiatric care for patients of all ages and activity levels. Using a unique team-based approach, Essex Union Podiatry’s team of highly skilled physicians provides specialized personal care, making sure to keep their patients educated and informed through every step of their treatment. Patients are encouraged to get involved in the decision making process and take an active part in making decisions regarding their health and wellbeing. Using highly advanced tools, the clinic effectively diagnoses and treats conditions of the foot, ankle and lower leg using personalized treatment plans that meet the individual needs of each and every patient.

Essex Union Podiatry is made up of three elite physicians, each a specialist in a particular field. Dr. Jason Galante, Dr. Nancy Kaplan and Dr. Sarah Haller make up the Essex Union Podiatry team and work together to meet the needs of adults, children and adolescents. Their decades of combined experience, coupled with state of the art techniques and technology, allow them to provide top class surgical and non-surgical treatments.

“At EUP, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior level of service with a comforting bedside manner,” says Essex Union Podiatry. “With same-day appointments and in-network insurance, we are fully invested in the patient as well as the hands-on quality care we provide. At Essex Union Podiatry, we have a commitment to personalized, compassionate care when it comes to your condition and its treatment. With a team approach and an emphasis on patient education, we work hand in hand with our patients to ensure that you are thoroughly informed about your diagnosis, treatment options and preventative care. We create a customized plan that works best for you and we include you in the decision-making process. Our goal is to get you moving again and to promote your improved health and well-being with minimal downtime.”

In addition to treatment for bunions, the clinic offers a number of other comprehensive services. Foot and ankle deformity correction is one area in which the Essex Union Podiatry team specializes in. The professional podiatrists also provide trauma care, diabetic care, full ankle replacement and much more. Patients can always be sure that any treatment they choose to seek out at Essex Union Podiatry will be carried out to the highest standards by qualified professionals and that they will be kept informed throughout the treatment process. Learn more at their GMB location.

Many of Essex Union Podiatry’s patients have been so pleased as to leave 5-Star reviews of the Caldwell podiatry clinic on platforms like Google Maps. For instance, John Horto says, “I arrived on time and was called to the treatment room within minutes. Everyone seemed attentive and helpful. Dr. Haller came in and asked questions, examined me and explained the different treatment options. She was very nice, very professional. I know I’m going to do my treatment and return for my checkup. I would recommend Dr. Haller 10 out of 10 times.”

Similarly, Christine says, “Dr. Sarah is amazing. I went to Essex Union Podiatry after getting a ridiculous diagnosis and treatment plan from another podiatry clinic in the area. We discussed my automotive injury, and she listened to my concerns patiently and explained how the rehabilitation would go. I can't believe the other clinic wanted me to have a surgery! Dr. Sarah said it is completely unnecessary and I agree. Some clinics are just in it to increase your expenses, but this clinic definitely cares about its patients.”

For more information visit Essex Union Podiatry’s Facebook page. Regular updates along with informative posts can be found there. Patients are welcome to contact the clinic at their earliest convenience to make an appointment.


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