Essential Behavioral Health Sacramento Offers Clients Accessible, Flexible Treatment Options With Telehealth

Sacramento, CA: Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health is a treatment facility that is equipped to offer comprehensive treatment for mental health disorders, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders. There are several levels of treatment for clients to experience at Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health. This facility offers an intensive outpatient program, an outpatient care program, a sober living opportunity through a program called Recovery Residences, detox, a residential treatment program, and telehealth options.

Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health prides themselves on bringing high-quality and individualized treatment to each of its clients. Through a combination of passionate and driven staff, proper counseling, and lifelong support, the treatment facility constantly aims to set clients up for success by giving them the tools to maintain long-term sobriety.

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This facility’s commitment to individualizing treatment is present at every level. The philosophy and approach to treatment revolves around the practice of properly diagnosing all conditions, including co-occurring disorders such as eating or trauma disorders. The organization conducts a personalized assessment with each client in order to craft a specialty treatment plan that is certain to address each issue and give each individual the best odds of lifelong recovery.

One of the various options for treatment at Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health is a telehealth treatment program. The demand for medical services such as addiction treatment or mental health services is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. The demand for telehealth programs has been exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as traveling outside of home for non-emergency medical appointments becomes more of an anomaly rather than a norm.

Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health is a treatment organization that prides itself on bringing quality treatment to whoever needs it, wherever they need it. The telehealth treatment program brings clients who need professional help the opportunity to access individualized treatment from the comfort of home.

Clients who choose the telehealth route for mental health care can experience the same level of care provided to clients who choose the on-site route. The telehealth route offers clients industry-leading individualized care without disrupting routines, personal or professional responsibilities, as well as providing increased convenience and flexibility. Of course, this telehealth option also has the potential to reach a greater number of clients and bring Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health’s high level of care to even more individuals seeking professional mental health services.

The telehealth program offers clients access to Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health’s world-class staff and resources, alongside a personalized and evidence-based approach to treatment. With a flexible program that adapts and molds itself around each client’s unique circumstances, clients can engage with this program without sacrificing other aspects of personal or professional life.

Treatment options that take place at a client’s home via methods such as video conferencing are sure to see tremendous growth in the coming future. Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health’s telehealth program is a reflection of the organization’s ability to identify the needs of clients and respond appropriately.

Individuals interested in learning more about Sprout: Essential Behavioral Health's telehealth treatment option can visit the facility’s website or contact a staff member by calling (888) 725-3184.


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