Escondido Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Removal to Save Homeowner from Additional Driveway Damage

Escondido, California – On Monday, Escondido Tree Service Experts spent the whole day removing a silver maple from Joan Heather’s landscape. The tree hand turned into a nuisance, with its roots popping out of the ground in different locations on the driveway – this had put a lot of dents on Heather’s landscape.

“When landscapers planted trees on this landscape,” said Joan Heathers when talking to a group of reporters, “they did not have the slightest idea that a concrete structure would exist near the silver maple. Back then – which was about 15 years ago – nobody had a car in this home. However, as careers picked up and money started flowing in, a driveway was added – the only problem is that the silver maple would later wreak havoc to it.”

Escondido Tree Service Experts

“The silver maple offered good shade,” added Joan. “It was a cool place to relax on summer midday. However, the tree had to go so that the driveway would stay intact. Escondido Tree Service Experts did a great job removing the tree. After cutting down the tree, they did not just grind the stump – instead, they pulled it out and killed all the roots left underground with a special chemical. While the driveway will still need good repair, this is the last time work will be done on the driveway.”

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Reporters contacted Escondido Tree Service Experts to get more details about Heather’s project. The company’s CEO invited the reporters to his office where he answered all their questions.

“Silver maples have shallow roots that become exposed above the surface of the soil,” the Escondido Tree Service Experts CEO told the reporters. “This is what Heather’s tree was doing. When the tree’s roots came across the concrete pavers that were part of Heather’s driveway, they knocked these out.”

The CEO noted that the silver maple removal was quite complicated because Heather’s garage stood a few feet from the tree. The company had to ensure the tree did not fall on the garage, causing damage that would have cost the homeowner at least two thousand dollars to fix.

“The company’s team was already equipped with modern tree service tools,” said the Escondido Tree Service Experts CEO. “To add to this, the team has more than 25 years of experience handling tree removal services in Escondido.”

According to the company’s chief of field operations, who was there when the silver maple was brought down, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Escondido used a crane and ropes to force the tree to fall in the clear space. The chief of field operations noted that the project took a lot of strategizing since a heavy wind was blowing.

“Escondido Tree Service Experts did not just cut the tree down and leave after the stump removal,” said Joan Heather. “The company was very determined to clean up the landscape – they cut the silver maple into small pieces and loaded it in their trucks. They also collected the leaves, branches, and sawdust – this is something that the family did not expect.”

The homeowner noted that the company did all this without adding a dime to the initially quoted price. Joan noted that she felt like she owed the company something more as a way of saying "thank you" for the high-quality work.

“The landscape has several other invasive trees,” added Joan Heather. “These include Hybrid poplars which seem to be creating a similar problem with their roots and an American elm whose moisture-loving roots are already invading the sewer, septic lines, and irrigation dishes. When the time for removing these trees comes, Escondido Tree Service Experts is the team that will do the job.”

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