Emondage Mont-Tremblant Explains the Difference Between Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec – The day Philippe Peterson decided to call in Emondage Mont-Tremblant tree services, it caused confusion but ended well. Philippe said, “My trees were looking overgrown and wild with branches touching the roof. So I contacted Mr. Melancon, recommended by a friend, to come out and inspect them. The mix-up came when I could not understand the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning.”

Peterson said that the tree trimming and pruning provider explained the difference for him to understand. But he said that Emondage Mont-Tremblant has the best explanation. The business owner said, “We perform a tree pruning service to protect shrubs or trees. But, still, there is a difference with tree trimming as it is performed to help a hedge or shrub with growth.”

He went on to say that tree trimming helps remove overgrown bushes on shrubs allowing them to get enough light and moisture. While for trees, the service includes the removal of loose infected or dead branches enabling them to flourish. With the service, homeowners such as their clients can request a particular shape for the shrub to make it look appealing.

The owner of Emondage Mont-Tremblant went on to say that both the services are excellent when it comes to landscaping. Tree pruning and trimming have subtle differences; for more information about the service, click here www.emondagemont-tremblant.com/emondage-et-elagage.html. Pruning arborists remove branches, while tree trimming enhances growth. The business owner mentioned that both the services are done at different times of the year.

In addition, each service uses various equipment, and understanding the difference is crucial. For example, many of our commercial clients use tree trimming to make their properties attractive for prospective customers leading to more visitors. He went on to say that his team focuses on removing the green shoots to encourage healthier growth. Yet, it also improved the appearance.

Conversely, tree pruning is not limited to tree maintenance and associates with removing roots to branches. Sometimes the brushwood grows into structures such as the roof or electric wires and needs removing. The owner mentioned that this was the case with Philippe’s trees. The twigs were overgrown and starting to damage the roof and needed removing.

For the job, the tree trimming team used trimmers and shears with saws to get efficient results. Yet, for pruning, the method is different, using only hand shears or a lopping shear. These tools can easily cut through thin branches. But there are times our people need to use a saw for thicker branches. Still, there is a difference in timing and frequency as well.

The business owner went on to say that pruning they do annually and tree trimming twice a year. Yet, it also depends on the species in question. For example, suppose homeowners have flowering trees. In that case, a tree pruning service needs to be done in late fall to early spring after the blooming cycle. Yet, if property owners have summer-flowering trees, the best time is spring and winter. For shrubs or hedges, an ideal season is in the flowering season.

He also mentioned that to improve the health of a shrub, gardeners need to do tree trimming before the growth levels reach one foot. Emondage Mont-Tremblant also said that Peterson made the right choice to contact them instead of going the DIY trim and pruning way.

With pruning homeowners, have to climb tall heights to cut the limbs resulting in injury or the property. Yet, if property owners do not have the correct safety gear, such as a harness, they end up falling out of the tree. Still, while it is dangerous, not knowing how to do proper pruning can harm trees. Emondage Mont-Tremblant in Launrentides presents residence with more than just tree pruning and tree trimming. For more information on the service provided, check their website.

Property owners can have stump grinding, stump removal, and wood chipping done.


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