Emondage Beauport Says Stump Grinding is Dangerous Tackled Alone

Beauport, Quebec City – When John Brown cut down two trees, he noticed that conducting a DIY tree removal was not easy. He said, “I learned the hard way as removing the tree was simple, but getting those stumps out was a different story.” John mentioned he followed some DIY methods recommended online using chemicals on the stump. Yet, using the technique did not work, and with a big event coming up, there was no time to waste.

The next step was to start chopping at the wood without success. Reading further online with recommendations to use his vehicle to pull the stump out did not work either. It did damage his truck when the smaller stump came out, knocking right at his car, causing a massive dent. According to him, that was it, and he needed help. He discussed the matter with a friend who advised he should use Emondage Beauport. The friend mentioned that they have a stump grinding service. Brown stated further that his friend used their service with good results.

He immediately contacted them and spoke to Mr. Rousseau, the business owner scheduling a stump removal for the next day. The homeowner told our reporter that the stump grinding took place the day before. So now, both the stumps have been removed. In addition, he has wood chips to start a fire and sawdust for his garden. The tree removal owner said, “Tree stumps are the homeowner’s enemy. They are an eyesore on the landscape and cause loads of trouble for mowers and present them with a tripping hazard. While there is loads of information about DIY stump grinding, doing them without the proper equipment leads to harm and frustrations, as seen with John.”

The owner of Emondage Beauport mentioned that drilling holes throughout the stump and filling it with chemicals such as potassium nitrate takes weeks. Also, using harmful chemicals with a long drill bit is dangerous. He went on to say that post-stump removal is one important factor many homeowners tend to forget. While residents do at-home stump removals, it leaves the yard with a big hole. The gaping hole becomes a hazard to anyone walking in the area. Further, many homeowners get a big surprise with all the mess left behind with stump grinding.

The business owner went on to say that residents end up with torn-up grass, woodchips, and piles of wood. So when choosing to hire a stump grinding service instead of taking the DIY route, it leaves them with peace of mind. The team of tree removers cleans up the yard and removes the stump safely. The fact is that stump removal need not become a headache. The best for residence is to avoid using DIY methods. Instead, contact a professional tree service to take care of that stubborn stump right away.

Emondage Beaufort also mentioned that homeowners forget another vital thing before removing a stump. As professional tree removers, their staff first contacts the info-excavation beforehand to determine the underground utility locations from water and gas to the sewer. Next, their team looks at secondary utilities as well to identify irrigation, lighting, and landscaping. Once their staff determines all of these, the stump grinding happens using cutters or a stump grinder. While residents can hire one from a hardware store, it is dangerous to operate without experience.

The owner mentions that when a person uses a stump grinder, there are primary steps to follow. These include cleaning away trimmings and debris from the stump as close to the ground using a chainsaw. The machine itself works with a cutting wheel that can damage the yard or threaten personal safety if mismanaged. Therefore, it is best to leave stump grinding to the professionals. Emondage Beaufort is a professional tree service provider that offers stump grinding to residents in Quebec City. Their service includes using industrial stump grinders to help clear the nuisance from property owner’s yards leaving the landscaping untouched. Afterward, they fill the gaping hole left behind to prevent further injuries.


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