Emergency Flood Clean Up Denver Specialists Educate Residents On Water Damage

Denver, CO based Restoration Logistics is reaching out to local communities in a bid to educate them on water damage and the paths they may take to redress such situations if their homes are affected. The company hopes that this information will help homeowners figure out when they can handle a problem by themselves and when they need to call upon the assistance of a professional.

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In ‘Keep This in Mind When Dealing with Water Damage,’ an article that can be accessed for free on the company’s website, Restoration Logistics explores what homeowners should be cognizant of in the event their property encounters water damage. As the company is well aware, water damage can creep up on a house’s residents and go from a simple leak to a full blown structural issue seemingly overnight, especially if the true source of the water is not identified on time. As such, their advice above all is to remain vigilant and attempt to stay ahead of any damage by fixing minor issues as soon as they appear.

Should an issue progress to more unmanageable levels, however, the company states that homeowners need not panic.

“Water causes all sorts of problems,” says the article on their website, “some of which are very hazardous, long term and extremely expensive to deal with. There are usually no quick fixes or easy answers. Proper water damage restoration takes expertise, time and money. So when your home is affected by flooding or a leak, it naturally fills you with anxiety and questions.”

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According to the article, many do not expect standing water to present much of a risk, but it can seep through drywall and insulation even if it has only been standing between 12-24 hours. In fact, this can lead to the structure’s wood frame being compromised as well. Similarly, the company warns that nearby furniture may suffer as a result of the room’s increased moisture, causing them to deteriorate in various ways. Furthermore, upholstered furniture, rugs and other materials of this nature can prove to be the perfect catalysts for mold growth in the presence of moisture, and mold only needs between 24-48 hours to develop.

Should homeowners discover that any standing water has been present for a period between 12-24 hours, Restoration Logistics says that is the point at which they should call a professional service to take care of the problem. This is due to the fact that, now, there has been enough time for mold and mildew to begin developing — in addition to potentially dangerous bacterial growth. Given the microscopic nature of these issues, a homeowner would have an incredibly difficult task ahead of them if they were to attempt to resolve the situation on their own. As such, the company reassures their community that professional services such as theirs are capable of addressing the problem to a satisfactory degree, restoring a home to its safe and secure state.

On that note, homeowners should also be aware that not all remediation companies are created equal, and not every provider that claims to be able to handle their water problems will actually be able to do so. In order to avoid dealing with an unreliable company, Restoration Logistics advises homeowners to look up their potential hire’s credentials and verify that they have both the experience and certifications they need for the task at hand. The added benefit of sticking to such providers is that they know how to treat a home gently and with respect, doing only what is necessary to fix any current issues and no more.

Fortunately, for customers in Denver and the surrounding areas, Restoration Logistics is more than able to provide a highly satisfactory service in this regard. Each member of their team is a veteran in the industry who boasts a great deal of expertise and experience in their craft, and they know how to give homeowners the peace of mind they need that their precious home is in the right hands.

More information regarding Restoration Logistics and their services can be found on their website, and customers are encouraged to get in touch today if they come across any signs of water damage in their homes. Read further at the following link: Water Restoration Reviews Denver.


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