Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Offers Marijuana Rehab Services

Youngtown, Arizona -

Sun City, Arizona based Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is now providing marijuana rehabilitation services. Anyone who finds themselves in need may contact the center today to schedule a consultation.

The clinical team and providers at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery share that the potential for addiction and cannabis use disorder to occur is a reality that not many people are aware of, despite the fact that some may consider marijuana to be harmless. According to the recovery clinic, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 9% of people who use marijuana become dependent on it. While this number compares favorably with other drugs like alcohol (15%) and tobacco (32-35%), it must be taken into consideration that daily or near-daily marijuana users account for over 70% of those who use the drug in the first place.

A man smoking a bowl who has a cannabis use disorder does not know marijuana rehab is available and effective with Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

With their new marijuana rehab program, Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is hoping to help those who are suffering from an addiction to cannabis. Since marijuana addiction is mainly formed via a psychological dependence (unlike other substances which operate on both physiological and psychological dependency), a marijuana addict does not suffer the same level of physical body cravings and withdrawals from marijuana consumption as they do from other controlled addictive substances.

While the lack of a physiological dependency is good, treating marijuana addiction is still a long process that can take 1-3 months of inpatient treatment. Emerald Isle shares that marijuana addiction can be treated effectively either through behavioral therapy or a combination of therapy and medications. Behavioral therapy focuses on changing behavior patterns, such as those related to substance misuse, to break the addiction cycle. Treatment may include counseling, group therapy and self-help groups. As far as medications are concerned, antidepressants such as bupropion (Wellbutrin) or fluoxetine (Prozac) may help people who have trouble stopping smoking because they feel depressed or anxious during withdrawal.

Although not strictly related to marijuana addiction, Emerald Isle also shares the benefits of moral reconation therapy, which can provide guidance and structure for those who have been finding themselves in trouble with law enforcement or other authorities and in constant conflict due to mental health or substance use disorders. Though marijuana is more accepted now and legal in many places, it might still cause self-destructive behaviors that can be curbed by this form of therapy.

As Emerald Isle Health & Recovery shares, Moral Reconation Therapy is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy and counseling that helps people struggling with issues of morality. It was developed based on research into the human brain and how it functions, and it addresses how and why people behave in certain ways. The treatment is based on the concept that everyone has an internal moral compass that drives most of their actions, but some people are more susceptible to making poor choices because of certain factors in their lives.

To cap off their recent announcements, the rehab center would like to share that Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is now an in-network provider with Magellan Insurance, which is already known for its coverage of behavioral health services across the United States. Those who are interested in learning more about using Magellan Insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab can find more information on the newly launched page on Emerald Isle’s website (which delves into the benefits of choosing Magellan for treatment).

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery says, “No matter how small you might think the problem is, you can always seek help. There is nothing wrong with seeking help. Things can always get better, and the team at Emerald Isle is here to help you. As always, Emerald Isle encourages anyone interested in getting treatment or more information to reach out any time of day or night for more information.”

Those who want to learn more about the range of mental health and rehabilitation services provided by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery are welcome to get started by visiting their website. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with the organization via phone at any time of day or night.


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