Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Offers a Behavioral Health Hospital for Helping People Overcome Mental Health Disorders

Youngtown, Arizona -

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, which is based in Sun City, AZ, wants to emphasize that their private behavioral health hospital setting is suitable for Arizona and the rest of the United States. The medically supervised setting that they offer at this hospital combined with some of the highly recognized and trained mental health professionals in the US allows them to help clients overcome some of the most difficult mental health issues at present and establish whole and healthy lives in recovery from their illnesses.

A spokesperson for Emerald Isle Health & Recovery says, “Behavioral hospitals are also known as psychiatric hospitals. These facilities provide intensive treatment for the most serious kinds of addiction and mental illness symptoms. When required, hospitalization typically forms just the first part of your journey to recovery. Once your condition has stabilized, you continue on to treatment in a residential or outpatient program.”

A couple discuss the possibility of a behavioral health hospital in Arizona

He continues, “Do you need mental or behavioral health treatment? Only a trained expert can say for sure. Your doctor may be able to provide a diagnosis. You may also need to speak to a mental health specialist. In either case, to be diagnosed, you must meet the criteria for a specific condition. These criteria include potential symptoms. They may also include such things as: the amount of time you have been affected; and the additional symptoms only found in certain affected people. If you have a given condition, your diagnosis will also indicate its seriousness. Depending on your situation, you may be mildly, moderately or severely affected.”

Meanwhile, behavioral health treatments are those methods used to enhance the patient’s mental/behavioral status. Most these treatments can be categorized as: medication and behavioral therapy.

In addition, the team at Emerald Isle would like to call attention to a powerful tool for the recovery that goes along with the dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) methods aside from being a component of mindfulness training and overall mental health, with a comprehensive review of radical acceptance.

Radical acceptance is a method of recovery for those who are struggling with an addiction. This is important because people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs are often in denial of the reality of what is really happening to them. Because of this denial, they are less willing to look for treatment. Addiction experts employ various kinds of methods to address this particular dilemma and one of these methods is radical acceptance.

This acceptance functions as the polar opposite of denial, and when developed during substance treatment, it can have major advantages for the patient’s recovery. DBT, which is one type of addiction therapy, is dependent on radical acceptance as one of its core principles. DBT can help patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction, and it can also help patients recover from the combined impact of substance abuse problems and additional mental health disorders.

Radical acceptance is based on philosophical ideas that are related to Buddhism. Basically, it asks people to accept what is happening to them at any particular moment, whether they like it or not. They are asked not to fight it nor deny it. Instead, they will accept it as a component of the combination of emotions, thoughts, and situations that form part of daily life.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was established with the mission of making it easier for people to have access to addiction treatment and recovery. They are continuously developing and innovating new treatment strategies while combining services for both substance abuse and mental health problems. Their creative strategy involves individualized evidence-based treatment that targeted towards the whole person aspects of care by ensuring the provision of comprehensive medical and clinical care to patients to attain long term sustainable recovery. They have carefully chosen the location of their facilities to make sure that patients have a high level of privacy and that they can avoid those places, people, and things that may trigger their condition.

Those who are interested in learning more about the treatments provided by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, including the Tufts insurance for rehab, can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.


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