Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Is Offering Its Well Received Inpatient Trauma Programs in Arizona

Youngtown, Arizona -

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, an Arizona-based treatment center that specializes in addressing mental health and substance abuse disorders, is highlighting its several acclaimed offerings for inpatient treatment for trauma.

Trauma comes in many forms. Though PTSD is mostly associated with ex-military and war refugees, trauma can also follow other life events such as domestic violence, sexual assault, natural disasters, illness, or the death of someone close, and many others. The triggers vary from person to person and their effects manifest differently too. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to helping individuals experiencing the long-term effects that follow after they have witnessed or been through traumatic events.

Inpatient trauma treatment can be literally life changing at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery in Arizona

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery offers residential treatment programs for those suffering the aftermath of trauma. The two most well-known treatment modalities for healing from past trauma are CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). CBT focuses on helping the person identify and change the thoughts and behaviors that are keeping them stressed and anxious. CBT teaches patients how to manage their emotions, cope with stress, and avoid triggers that can resurface traumatic memories. DBT is a type of CBT that was originally designed to treat individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD). DBT teaches patients how to deal with intense emotions in a healthy way and helps them change their lives positively.

The Arizona mental health center has also launched a new resource that examines the stages of trauma bonding and aims to help those suffering from trauma as part of a toxic relationship realize that health and recovery are available. The seven trauma bonding stages are the occurrence of the traumatic event, the isolation of the victim, the growing feeling within the victim that they are somehow dependent on their abuser, the feeling of being trapped in their situation along with their abuser, the rising feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of numbness that normalizes abuse, and finally the victim’s resignation to their fate. Emerald Isle Health & Recovery also shares tips on how to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship, common characteristics observed in individuals who are most vulnerable to trauma, and helps readers understand the steps they need to take to fully recover from an abusive relationship.

Finally, in another compelling resource, the team at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery educates readers on how to treat childhood trauma that persists through to adulthood. There can be several reasons why a child may feel traumatized including neglect, the death of a parent, a life-threatening physical condition or illness, handicaps, emotionally distant parents, and more. The newly published resource takes a deep dive into the topic and aims to provide a lifeline and support to individuals who are dealing with unresolved childhood trauma as adults. One of the telltale signs of childhood trauma, according to the article, is getting into relationships that have a dynamic similar to the one that caused them trauma years ago. The resource also touches on related issues such as generational trauma, the side effects of unresolved childhood trauma, the difficulty that victims face in forming new and healthy relationships, and more. The article wraps up by recommending 6 ways in which individuals can identify their trauma and overcome its invisible effects on their lives.

The spokesperson for Emerald Isle Health & Recovery summarizes the center’s trauma treatment services by saying, “Our clinical team helps clients address trauma with a full spectrum of treatment methods based on the latest scientific approaches as well as holistic ideals. Many suffering from PTSD and complex trauma are unaware that inpatient trauma treatment is available, often with full coverage from your insurance. Our dedicated program for trauma clients offers a safe and secure environment for processing even the most deeply rooted issues and emerging into a life free of trauma triggers. For anyone interested in trauma treatment, our Admissions team is ready and waiting to field all calls and confidentially answer any questions about the program and availability of beds.”


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