Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Is Offering CBT And Expressive Therapy For Trauma Recovery

Youngtown, Arizona -

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is encouraging those suffering from PTSD and other trauma disorders to find out more about the success that the center has had in treating the conditions through evidence-based approaches to trauma recovery.

Almost everyone lives through some sort of trauma. It is a part of the human experience. However, some individuals are not able to heal from the wounds of the event that shook them to their core and get stuck in a repetitive cycle of regret, guilt, and self-blame surrounding the traumatic events. They eventually develop PTSD or other trauma-related disorders.

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There are broadly two categories of trauma. The first category encapsulates events that tend to happen once in a person’s lifetime including a major injury that requires hospitalization, being physically or sexually assaulted, seeing someone else experience serious violence, living through a fire, earthquake, or other natural disasters, or having someone close die suddenly or unexpectedly. The next category includes events that may recur or happen regularly such as living in an area affected by gang violence, sexual, emotional, and/or physical abuse, taking part in combat, living in a war zone, or being forced to flee one’s home due to violence, famine, etc.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery has had measurable success in helping those suffering from trauma disorders through evidence-based approaches. For example, it can provide its patients with cognitive-behavioral therapy to control their negative automatic thoughts. Automatic thoughts occur instantaneously and on their own, subconsciously guiding a person’s actions. They also influence a person’s general mood and their level of self-respect and self-esteem.

Excessive negative self-talk and automatic negative ideation can lead to cognitive distortions such as seeing everything as being either completely good or completely bad, treating daily disappointments as if they were major catastrophes, not taking positive thoughts seriously, making negative assumptions without exploring any further, emphasizing one’s problems and deemphasizing one’s successes, labeling oneself and/or others in negative terms, consistently prioritizing emotions over rational thinking, viewing all imperfections as failures, and more. When left uncontrolled they can be a factor in causing or worsening conditions such as Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobia, and depression.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery’s cognitive behavioral therapy treatments are designed to break through the damaging negative thought patterns by teaching patients how to reexamine those thoughts from a more realistic perspective, identify harmful patterns of behavior that stem from negative thoughts, understand why negative thoughts and behaviors occur, replace negative thoughts and behaviors with health-supporting alternatives, develop coping skills for avoiding negative thought cascades in daily life, and improve the sense of control over one’s emotions, thoughts, and actions.

The center also provides its patients the chance to recover from trauma using expressive therapy, the umbrella term for a group of therapies that use creative expression as a recovery tool. It has many uses in both addiction treatment and trauma work as a part of holistic mental healthcare. Expressive therapy includes some therapies which are rooted in well-known established fields of art such as music, art, dance/movement, drama, and poetry. Other expressive therapies are based on less formal kinds of expression such as play therapy and sand play therapy. Expressive therapy has been clinically shown to impart several benefits to the participant including resolving conflicted emotions, lowering anxiety levels, becoming more self-aware, and gaining better control over one’s behavior.

A spokesperson for the Arizona trauma recovery center talks about the effectiveness of the treatments that it offers by saying, “Many of our clients have expressed gratitude for the successful trauma recovery experienced through Emerald Isles’ services. Our mental health treatment facilities and staff are luxury level and among the finest in the nation. Our individualized evidence-based treatment focuses on holistic aspects of care and we offer you and your loved ones the best chance to over addiction and mental illness in Arizona.”

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery in Arizona can be contacted at the phone number (855) 657-0253.


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