Emerald Isle Health and Recovery Discusses Complex PTSD Inpatient Treatment

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Emerald Isle Health and Recovery, a Sun City, Arizona based inpatient treatment center, recently posted an article about Complex PTSD and the ways it can be treated with inpatient care, of the type offered by Emerald Isle Health and Recovery. The center has lots of experience and expertise in trauma informed care, which is extremely important to complex PTSD inpatient treatment, as it is easy for a poorly informed team to worsen the impact of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or C-PTSD, even while trying to help.

Complex PTSD is a variant of the better known Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that develops in people who have suffered repeated or prolonged trauma over an extended period of time. It is distinct from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as defined in the DSM-V, the most updated diagnostic manual for mental health professionals in the United States, because of a specific cluster of symptoms that generally appear in people who experienced prolonged trauma or abuse, which isn’t fully captured in the current diagnosis of PTSD. These symptoms can include feelings of captivity, psychological fragmentation, and the loss of a person’s innate sense of safety, trust, and self-worth. The differences in treatment between Complex PTSD and the kind of PTSD that can happen after a short term or one time traumatic experience means that many of the treatment methods used for PTSD can actually make Complex PTSD worse. Thankfully, for even the most entrenched cases of Complex PTSD, Emerald Isle Health and Recovery offers outcomes that are proven time and time again.

Complex PTSD can be difficult to treat, the clinicians at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery have a proven track record at helping clients with even the most severe forms of trauma

Emerald Isle Health and Recovery wants to help anyone who may be suffering from trauma and can’t seem to get better, no matter what efforts are made to treat it. The staff at the center offers a refuge for recovery from even the most difficult of mental health situations. And whether a client is suffering from depression prior to treatment or not, many people related feelings of sobriety depression following treatment, even when they remain sober. While “sobriety depression” is not recognized as a clinical diagnosis, the term was coined by Alcoholics Anonymous to describe the emotional state of people who recently stopped a substance abuse habit. It is a form of Major Depression that can occur during or after periods of abstinence from alcohol or other substances. A holistic rehab such as Emerald Isle can help mitigate and even prevent entirely such post-treatment woes, by addressing the underlying conditions that lead to addiction in the first place. Unlike many other rehabs, they are adept at getting to the root causes of destructive behaviors of all kinds and helping improve clients' lives and outcomes.

The inpatient treatment center Emerald Isle Health and Recovery also wants to address the rising risk of fentanyl-contaminated pills in Arizona. On their website, they present a full resource for parents, loved ones, and those seeking any sort of street pharmaceuticals. All parties should be aware of the extreme risk of taking even non-opioid medications such as Xanax that have been obtained from sources other than a legal pharmacy, as they have been found to be regularly laced with the deadly fentanyl. Fentapills are incredibly dangerous, as it takes only a tiny amount of the substance to kill someone, especially if they’re using other drugs or alcohol simultaneously. Some illicit drug producers add fentanyl to other substances or produce pills from fentanyl, which are created with no oversight or quality control. This makes it very easy for people using the drug to accidentally overdose, or even for someone to consume a lethal amount of fentanyl when they think they are consuming a different drug entirely. Thankfully, Emerald Isle Health and Recovery has options for people who are abusing Fentanyl and other drugs.

As always, their team invites anyone struggling with these issues, or any related to mental health or addiction, to contact them by phone any time of day or night for Admissions questions and further assistance.


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