Emerald City Production Releases Blog Post Explaining The Different Types Of Podcast Formats

Emerald City Productions, a Florida-based media company that provides turn-key podcast production and consultation services, has released a blog post that introduces potential clients to the wide variety of formats that they can choose from for their first podcast.

The blog post titled “Types of Podcasts: Which One Is Right For Your Podcast?” classifies podcasts based on the intent of the content and hosting format. A podcast doesn’t have to limit itself to only one type in either category. Creators can mix and match a podcast’s content type and hosting format over its life and go for a hybrid approach. However, starting production with a clear direction in mind is recommended as it helps engage the target audience the most in its early years when it needs to find listeners to grow.

The blog post then introduces the readers to the different kinds of podcasts based on content. It begins by describing the interview-based podcast, a very popular format generally consumed for its entertainment value. It also talks about narrative storytelling podcasts that focus on fiction or non-fiction topics to create compelling content.

Businesses that are looking to promote their products and services can opt for educational podcasts aimed at potential customers. Educational podcasts can talk about broad topics of general interest and then use the audience’s engagement to generate leads for a business. They can also focus exclusively on a business’s products and services and talk about the recent developments in the industry in which it operates. Some large companies might also choose to create internal private podcasts to update employees about the organization’s progress. Internal podcasts can also be used for training employees and shaping company culture.

Individuals who have an entrepreneurial streak can create podcasts to promote their personal brands. Building an audience lets content creators build trust and authority in a niche that can then be leveraged to further their careers or business goals.

The blog post also talks about repurposed content podcasts which are meant to help the audience consume content, that already exists in another medium such as blog posts or books, through the easily accessible audio format. Finally, limited-run podcasts are produced with a definite set of topics that serve one purpose and there is no intention to keep the podcasts going after the planned content is exhausted.

When it comes to deciding on a hosting format, the blog post talks about solo podcasts, conversational or co-hosted podcasts, interview podcasts, and panel podcasts. Solo podcasts are great for creating a personal brand but they can be very difficult to produce due to the work involved in creating scripts that sustain the listener’s interest. Co-hosted podcasts feel more natural as more voices lead to a variety in knowledge and perspective. However, the co-hosts need to be chosen such that they have undeniable chemistry between them.

Interview podcasts consist of one main speaker and different guests per episode. These podcasts allow the host to cover myriad topics based on the guest’s expertise. However, the host also needs to research each topic beforehand to stay relevant in the conversation with the guest who is generally a subject matter expert. Finally, panel podcasts let many people pitch in leading to energetic discussions and debates which are engaging to listen to but also run the risk of drifting off the topic at hand.

Emerald City Production offers several podcast production services such as launch consultation pre-production, recording, post-production (mixing and editing), publishing, marketing, and promotion. The company has been helping creators build brands and find their audiences through podcasts since 2009. The company’s large, dedicated podcast production team includes employees in diverse roles such as Operations Manager, Project Manager, Copywriter, and Editor.

Readers can visit Emerald City Production's new site to view a full list of the production company’s clients. Readers can also contact Emerald City Production directly at (407) 279-1956 from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM or write to them at danny@emeraldcitypro.com.


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