Elite Tax Planning Offers Tax Returns Preparation Services

Elite Tax Planning, LLC, a company based in Midlothian, VA, is pleased to announce that they are offering tax returns preparation services. They understand that navigating the tax code can be difficult for most people and offer their help. The company has certified public accountants (CPA), enrolled agents (EA), and tax preparers who can help individuals and businesses with their tax returns and possibly save on their taxes. The company’s team members have more than 30 years of experience in preparing tax returns and are specialists in this specific field. It is due to their experience and knowledge regarding this particular field that they can provide a comprehensive picture of individual, business, and estate returns.

Greg Bourque, Founder and CEO of Elite Tax Planning, LLC, says, “Minimizing the amount of taxes that you pay over your lifetime is a key component of your wealth accumulation strategy. As your tax advisor, we can serve as the cornerstone for your overall financial situation. We can help you identify multi-year tax minimization strategies that in many cases can decrease your tax liability. And we can either work closely with your CPA or tax preparer or you can simply hire us make sure that you can minimize the amount you pay for taxes every time the opportunity presents itself.”

Elite Tax Planning tax returns

Elite Tax Planning can also offer assistance for those who have disputes with the IRS and they are capable of representing the client in tax court if necessary. Having the ability to know the complete picture allows them to offer the appropriate guidance on the best strategy for minimizing the tax liability and benefit from the latest tax deductions and tax credits for a particular year. More information about the company can be gleaned by following their Facebook page.

Greg Bourque says, “There are many tax preparation companies that only hire their employees on a temporary basis. After providing them with a few weeks of training, they will then allow them to prepare tax returns for clients.”

What Elite Tax Planning provides clients is the advantage of their team members’ expertise and experience. Because of this, clients can be sure that whatever situation they are in, the tax experts will use their knowledge and experience for the clients’ benefit when they are dealing the IRS. After the company has properly understood a client’s specific situation, they can come up with a plan of action that is custom-fitted to the client’s particular situation and then implement it.

Tax preparation is just a part of the bigger picture of tax planning. The tax specialists at Elite Tax Planning can come up with a plan or strategy for minimizing the taxes of an individual or business. They will work closely with clients in developing such strategies that are designed to minimize tax liability. They will regularly monitor developments regarding federal and state tax law to make sure that any opportunities for tax reduction can be used and financial plans can be adjusted accordingly. This forms part of the bigger picture of managing wealth for the client.

Business owners know that tax planning is vital for the business and that practically every business decision they make can affect their tax obligations. The tax experts at Elite Tax Planning will make sure that they consider a business’ long-term plans, especially with projected income, when developing the overall tax strategy. For instance, they may decide to defer income to the next year while accelerating deductions into the present year, or vice versa.

They will also want to analyze the depreciation of business assets and offer guidance on related tax breaks and strategies. All of their recommendations are designed to minimize the tax liability of the business, boost profitability, and ultimately provide the business with an edge over its competitors.

Those who are interested in learning more about the tax preparation and tax planning services offered by Elite Tax Planning, LLC may want to visit their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. To know their location and other important information, people can check their GMB listing.


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