Elite Brands to Hold Live Workshop on System that Can Help Fix Email Marketing Issues

The Elite Brands eCommerce agency is happy to announce a live workshop that will discuss the 'Automated Email Marketing Profits' (AEP) marketing system to achieve an average 30% sales increase when using email marketing without spending on ads. The free webinar will be conducted by Dan Nikas, who developed and uses the system himself. Those who attend the webinar will get a free copy of the blueprint for the AEP system plus they will have the opportunity to have their questions answered live. More about the AEP system can be gleaned at https://www.elitebrands.org/blog/fix-your-email-marketing-with-this-system.

E-commerce entrepreneurs are invited to the free workshop where they can learn how to add 30 per cent revenue without spending on advertising or having to pay social media influencers. The free webinar will be presented by Dan Nikas, an email marketing expert. He will be providing attendees free access to the blueprint that he employs to drive millions of revenue for this own brand Gearbrunch, including clients of his digital marketing agency, Elite Brands. Save a spot in the free workshop at https://workshop.automatedemailprofits.com/webinar-registration-page1631839740844dn

The AEP system functions as an email autopilot. All you need to do is to set up the system and create the message to be sent automatically. Once those things are done, the AEP system will take care of everything else, it works in the background, generating sales automatically.

Alan Simpson, Director at Elite Brands, says, “Our AEP email marketing system consistently adds an average 30% sales increase when implemented. A timed email, triggered by particular user behaviour, speaks directly to the right person at the right time. This is the key to good email deliverability rates. That’s why email marketing is proven to be successful in increasing customer loyalty. Rather than simply spam everyone on your email list with the same message, email marketing only delivers relevant content.”

Business owners and entrepreneurs typically don’t have the time to really learn how to successfully run their email marketing system. Oftentimes, they just spam their whole email list with continuous email campaigns. In contrast, the AEP system sends the appropriate messages at the proper time to the right person. And then the leads are converted into first-time customers. And repeat customers are converted into loyal customers. With the Automated Email Profits system, all of this is done automatically.

With the Automated Email Profits system, a series of email messages are automatically sent to segments of people on your email list. These automations are triggered by particular events, for instance when a user becomes a member or browses in a certain way. Another example of a trigger for automation is a person joining an email newsletter. These automations form the backbone of the AEP system. The content of the emails are created in advance and are ready to be sent at the right time to the right audience.

An important advantage of an automated email marketing system is the ease of use. Put simply, this is not hard - one just needs a good system, a blueprint, so one doesn't have to learn email marketing from scratch. Doing email marketing without a guide will rarely succeed because there are so many things that can go wrong, from insufficient traffic to low conversion rates and low average order values. But with the Automated Email Profits system, it is easy to get it right the first time by introducing a series of automated email messages that deliver customers through the sales funnel.

Those who are interested in attending the free workshop can save their spot at https://workshop.automatedemailprofits.com/webinar-registration-page1631839740844dn. Those who want to know more about Elite Brands can visit their website or contact them via email.


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