Elements Of Community - Episode 1. Liana Ling

Lucas Root from the Elements of Community Podcast hosted the 1st episode with Liana Ling titled "Purpose-Aligned Business Owners Searching for Freedom" Monday the 4th of April 2022 for listeners on his channel to explore unpacking the magic of community.

The Podcast covers community building for sustained growth and success with an expert panel of guests who unravel the working foundational aspects of their community, as well as critical new thinking with Community Expert: Lucas Root.

Elements Of Community

Lucas Root is proposing community building entrepreneurs, and people interested in getting the most out of the communities they’re enrolled in, to join in and listen to the wisdom of successful trailblazers in the field. Lucas Root has a background working with Fortune 500 Companies on Wall Street as an M&A executor forming powerful brands. Lucas is heart-centered in his projects whether he is leading clients' projects or businesses to success, or empowering them to become leaders in their fields. For the first episode, Lucas talks with Liana Ling the “CEO of Power Up Strategy — a digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs reach their goals so they can live a lifestyle they have been dreaming of.”

”We have generally forgotten what community actually means. Liana Ling, my inaugural guest, understands the meaning of community better than most. You can listen to Elements of Community today as your host Lucas Root and guest Liana Ling, talk about how to build a community,” said Root.

Liana started her professional career as a litigation lawyer. But for the last 10 years, she has been a full-time entrepreneur. One of the things she loves to do is build communities that serve online business owners— not just engage in them.

Lucas covers in the episode specifics on the community size, and why the quality of the people and the aligned content comes first. A misconception about communities is that one needs to have a large following; in this episode with Liana they discuss how a small group of people can move a project into being very intimate and also extremely active, breaking the barriers of so-called myths of communities.

Lucas drills down vital elements like the Community Point of Possibility with Liana. Covering efficiency, engagement, and the work required by the leader to maintain a high level of interest in supporting the concept and the community as a whole by the members. Ways to support progress for community members and the elements for transformation in congruence with each other.

Lucas covers even more topics on the elements of community in his podcast episode. For people looking to build, grow, or maintain an active community online using proven methodology. He has set a path to uncover and share the best community models, and how to build, grow, and monetize them. For listening in visit the Elements Of Community here.


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