Electronic Merchant Systems Offers ISO Agent Program in New Hampshire

Cleveland, Ohio -

Cleveland-based, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is happy to announce that its ISO Agent Program is also available for merchant service agents and independent sales organizations (ISOs) in New Hampshire. This follows their previous announcement about their Missouri ISO Agent Program. A merchant services agent can become successful by providing payment processing solutions to merchants that can ensure convenient, secure, and fast customer transactions.

A representative for EMS says, "With the EMS ISO Agent Program, you will be able to close more deals and have more merchants processing. With our 10 minute auto approvals, you will be a leader in the payments industry. And with our transparent reporting, you'll know exactly what you're earning, and you can see how your merchants are performing. Additionally, with our Agent portal, MyPortfolio, you'll also be able to see chargebacks and help your merchant manage their chargeback activity."


The EMS Agent Program also offers customizable agreements for agents that can fit their specific business. They know that merchant services agents have unique requirements and are flexible in ensuring that a particular agreement works for each agent. A key reason so many ISO agents choose to partner with EMS is that they always put the Agents first. When they partner with their ISO Agents, EMS is completely invested in their success. One way that they are doing this is by improving their merchant approval process. The EMS Agent Program is always pioneering ways to make the approval process more agent-friendly. One key development is the development of the 10 minute auto approval process, and they are constantly working on improving its features and advantages for agents.

Another important advantage is that they offer unparalleled payment processing product solutions. For instance, EMS Agents can provide: the MaxxPay® point of sale cloud-based solution, Total Touch® Point of Sale, omni-channel processing, unattended and multi-lane solutions, BizFunds™, and Convenupay. MaxxPay® POS is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly connects the entire store with its customers. Designed for scalability, MaxxPay is suitable for small to mid-sized businesses that need a simple but feature-rich POS functionality.

Total Touch® Point of Sale offers an easy-to-operate and intuitive software that enables bar and restaurant owners to focus on customer loyalty and offer the best dining experience possible to their customers. Total Touch provides the latest in contactless technology, including QR-enabled customer checks that enable guests to pay electronically. Omni-channel processing means the merchant's payment, customer management systems, and inventory systems are in just one simple platform. Convenupay is a feature-rich payment gateway that is capable providing the most robust security for both merchants and their customers.

EMS Agents are capable of offering payment processing solutions to reduce management demands, avoid labor bottlenecks, and boost profitability.

For over 30 years, the EMS Agent Program has been helping their ISOs and Agents have success. In addition to the support EMS provides, they also operate by the Sundown Policy. If an Agent has a question or concern, they get a response by the end of the day, instead of having to wait for an answer that can result in lost business and residuals.

Payment professionals who would like to learn more about the EMS Agent Program in New Hampshire can visit the Electronic Merchant Systems website at https://www.emscorporate.com/merchant-services-iso-agent-program-nh or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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