Electronic Merchant Systems’ Merchant Services Agent Program Featured on Green Sheet

Cleveland, Ohio-based Electronic Merchant Systems has announced that their ISO Agent Program was recently featured as one of Green Sheet's spotlight innovators. In the feature, Green Sheet highlights how merchant services resellers can benefit from the Transparency and Clear Communication they receive from EMS.

Matt Shepard, spokesperson for EMS says, “We are thrilled with this feature not only because it highlights our company, but it also allows us to help others to learn how ISO agents can gain a competitive edge in the merchant services industry.”

The EMS Merchant Services Agent Program gives you complete transparency and clear communication to help you succeed

In Green Sheet’s Agent-First Processing, Part 6: Transparency & Frequent Communication, they outline what agents look for in a good merchant services partner. The post explains that good partners need to be flexible, responsive, easy to work with, and fully committed to customer service. Shepard states that these are some of the very principles that founded EMS.

“Our goal,” says Shepard, “is to help new and seasoned sales agents with their payment processing and merchant services, in every way possible. We give our agents the tools that they need to succeed. In fact, merchants who switch to the EMS ISO Agent Program are more than pleased with the results. We can help agents boost their residual income and have the success they deserve as merchant services resellers.”

Green Sheet states in their article that merchant services providers should always be completely transparent in all of their communication and policies. Shepard states that this is one reason why their merchant services program has been so successful and so favored by agents. EMS agents have been enjoying the perks of their relationships since 1988, and Shepard states that the number of new agents joining the ranks grows substantially every year.

The EMS Agent program offers unique gift and loyalty card designs that can help merchants to better entice and engage their customers, as well as a host of other benefits. Shepard says that all ISO Agents have the tools that they need to gain customers, retain those customers, and increase their overall profits.

Electronic Merchant Systems is an innovative company whose goal is to help ISO agents to grow their merchant portfolios through a number of programs and solutions. Green Sheet highlights the high points of an EMS Agent’s benefits, showing agents that not all merchant services are alike and outlining why EMS is one of the better choices when it comes to customer retention and profit. Green Sheet offers insights into this and other aspects of merchant services for those in the industry. Those who are interested can read the entire Green Sheet article by visiting http://www.greensheet.com/Electronic-Merchant-Systems/node=displayFeaturedContent&action=151.

ISO Agents who are interested in learning more about the perks of Electronic Merchant Systems programs or those who have questions about the company or their benefits can visit them on their official website or contact them directly via phone or email. Shepard urges those who are struggling with their merchant services agent program or anyone who is new to the industry to visit the company online and learn more about how EMS can help agents to grow their business substantially and earn a higher profit than with other similar programs. EMS can also be visited on any number of social media sites for those who would like more information about their program and how they can help with needed merchant services.


For more information about Electronic Merchant Systems, contact the company here:

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