Electronic Merchant Systems: How To Accept Mobile Payments

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Cleveland, Ohio based payment processor Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) has shared a guide on how merchants and small businesses can accept credit card and debit card payments directly via their mobile devices. EMS has helped thousands of local businesses update their merchant services and grow in their communities.

VP of Sales at Electronic Merchant Systems Bill Felberg states, “The use of smartphones has become a central part of everyone’s day to day life. This has led to a recent uptick in more and more customers using cashless payment methods, which leads to business owners needing to stay up to date with different payment methods. So it is not surprising that many are interested in processing credit card payments on smartphones, especially if their business serves a lot of online customers. With EMS’ help, you can make that process very easy for yourself.”


In their Guide to Accepting Mobile Payments, EMS explains that a lot of businesses that do not traditionally accept cash will benefit a lot from mobile payments. Since people are carrying less cash, mobile processing allows businesses to accept credit cards from virtually any location. Examples of businesses that benefit from these methods include those in the service industry, such as landscaping or even plumbing and heating, as they can accept customer payments on the job. Food trucks can accept payments on the go, for instance, and if the business has a spot in craft shows or trade shows, they can accept cashless payments there too.

Mobile payment processing is facilitated with the help of mobile credit card readers. As the article explains, a mobile credit card reader is a point of sales system with a peripheral device that allows merchants to accept card payments on their phones. There are several types of mobile credit card readers, including credit card swipers, EMV readers and NFC readers. Credit cards were originally designed for payment using a credit card swiper. They use Magstripe technology to accept magnetic stripe payments. While these machines are small and portable, they are quickly becoming obsolete in the market as they are the least secure type of mobile card reader in the market.

EMV card readers are alternatively known as chip card readers. This system stores payment information digitally on a chip embedded in the card. This type of reader is safe against fraud (compared to a magstripe). Notably, EMV was initially developed in response to known problems with the magstripe. With an EMV reader, businesses can accept payments from chip cards with less concern about chargebacks.

NFC (Near Field Communication) readers support wireless payment. As a wireless payment technology, this payment can help transmit payment information at a close range. People with smartphones use mobile wallet payment apps, including Google Pay or Apple Pay, to transmit mobile payments or payments from NFC-enabled cards. As with EMV technology, this system of payment is highly secure.

To get started with a mobile payment set up, business owners need to have a compatible mobile phone. Fortunately, most modern phones are suitable for this purpose. Then comes the important part: business owners need to make sure that they choose the right credit card processing company,which can be quite difficult if they are not familiar with the field. Factors such as compatibility, pricing, a fast and uncomplicated application process and high approval rates for businesses should all be considered — along with data security. Electronic Merchant Systems recommends looking for a company that has enhanced security features and is a certified level 1 PCI provider. Those who want more details about accepting payments on phones should visit the following link: https://www.emscorporate.com/news/how-to-accept-credit-cards-on-your-phone.

Felberg says, “Electronic Merchant Systems is a leading provider of payment processing and merchant services. We have been in the business for a long time, and we offer a full suite of credit card processing solutions designed to help business owners boost profits and streamline operations. To learn more about how we can help you start accepting contactless payments, contact us today.”

Those who want to learn more about Electronic Merchant Systems and the services they provide are welcome to visit the company’s website. Interested parties can get in touch with the company via the portal on their website as well. Alternatively, the company’s representative can be reached via email or phone. Social media users can find EMS on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.


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