ElectricityShark.com Lets Texans Choose Cheapest Electricity Plans

Cedar Park, TX - Free electricity rate comparison site helps households pick the best plan for their needs.

Thanks to free online electricity rate comparison websites like ElectricityShark.com, Texans can instantly browse and choose an electricity plan that suits the needs of their home or business. How the website works is very simple. Users simply input their zip code on the home page and are immediately given power plans available in their region. Detailed information about the available power plans including price per kWh, contract limits, and contact information are provided, as well as different rates per monthly usage with estimated monthly costs.

Compare electricity rates Texas

Website owner Jared Glazier says tools such as ElectricityShark.com are important for Texans because in some cases the property owner may not be aware of all the options to them.

“Giving Texans the power to choose their own electricity rates is significant because we want people to be aware of all the options to them,” Glazier says. “We want them to understand the available options because if they don’t know, they might be missing out.”

In Texas, many power companies offer customers incentives such as free electricity after a certain hour of the day or heavily discounted rates. ElectricityShark.com captures that information and provides it to website users. Glazier says that services like ElectricityShark.com make sure people are maximizing the value of their electricity plans and not missing out on a service that truly fits their budget and needs.

“Texans enjoy some of the lowest power rates in the country because all these power companies are competing with each other for more customers, and we want Texans to realize who is out there competing for their business. That’s really all there is to it,” Glazier says.

ElectricityShark.com does not store, share, or sell the user data of those who visit or use the website. The service is like a broker that connects customers with electricity providers. The website displays electricity rate information across the state of Texas and makes it available to the public.

“Privacy is absolutely a top priority for ElectricityShark.com, and we have always maintained that stance,” Glazier says. “We have partnered with power companies in Texas who want to get their name out there and advertise their services, and we are a platform to help them do just that.”

For more information or to search for your ideal electricity plan in Texas, visit https://www.electricityshark.com today.


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