EarlyBirds Shares How It Can Help Develop Innovation Culture To Build Capability Edge

EarlyBirds, an innovation ecosystem that brings together early adopters, innovators, and subject matter experts, is discussing how it can help organisations of all sizes develop a culture of innovation to give their business capabilities an edge in an ever-competitive market. Readers can find out more about the company and its services by heading over to earlybirds.io.

Corporate history is littered with stories of giant behemoths that were so entrenched in their way of doing things that they failed to spot the wave of the future and subsequently perished because they did not adapt to a changing market. The most famous of these examples is the rise of Netflix in the face of industry giant Blockbuster. At one point in time, Blockbuster could have outright purchased Netflix, thereby bolstering its own video-on-demand services. However, it failed to gauge the turning tide of the entertainment landscape and grossly underestimated the projected growth of internet infrastructure that would make streaming video a part and parcel of daily life in just under a decade. As a result, Netflix went on to become the juggernaut that it is today while Blockbuster was relegated to the ash heap of history. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of false confidence and complacency that is still relevant to companies today.

EarlyBirds is helping companies at any stage of growth, whether it be startups, scaleups, or mature organizations, learn from each other and avoid the mistakes that many organizations before them have made. The company is championing the establishment of an innovation ecosystem and culture that will help businesses steer their ship along the direction of the winds of progress. The company’s innovation ecosystem is a solution to removing obstacles to innovation within a company by bringing in external expertise that overhauls its operations and hardens it to face the challenges of the new technology-driven economy.

The company says this boost of innovation will reflect not just in the projects that corporations undertake, but also be embedded in the strategies it implements and the values it espouses. A great example of a policy focused on innovation culture making a dent in a company’s trajectory is Google’s 20% rule, an initiative where company employees are allocated twenty percent paid work time to pursue personal projects. It gave the company some of its greatest money-makers such as Gmail and AdSense. This initiative demonstrates that the commitment to innovation should extend to every aspect of the company’s work culture for it to provide solid results.

EarlyBirds says that some key considerations for creating an innovation culture include establishing innovation networks and engaging and collaborating with key internal and external stakeholders. When decision-makers and innovators are given a forum to speak and interact freely, the resulting transfer of knowledge can do wonders for strengthening the organization as a whole. It helps companies achieve continuous improvement, solve business and technical challenges quickly and explore disruptive business models, solutions, and innovations. The goal is to be the first to market and open communication is one of the first steps to achieve the desired work velocity to make that happen. EarlyBirds says it has the platform and services to help companies create an innovation culture or to supplement existing initiatives and processes.

For those organisations seeking to improve their competitive edge or needing to be more agile to meet changing market conditions using innovative solutions and services then EarlyBirds has a range of self-service and assisted programs to help with this journey. The EarlyBirds platform self-service option offers access to over 1 million global innovators across all market sectors and solution types. There is also an Innovation Project capability for end-to-end management of innovation challenges including collaboration, search and shortlisting, curation and exporting the results.

The EarlyBirds assisted programs, Explorer and Challenger, are specifically designed to help organisations create or supplement their innovation programs. Explorer is an enterprise approach to innovations where organisation get access to the EarlyBirds Platform, use of the Challenger program, discovery sessions to run innovation days with relevant Innovators, use of their industry/domain Subject Matter Experts and access to global Innovation maps created specifically for an industry or key technology theme. The Challenger program is designed to solve one business challenge at a time culminating in a curated shortlist of relevant Innovators and a roadmap for the way forward

Those who would like to know more about Early Birds, their innovation platform and services, review here or contact them by phone or this email address support@earlybirds.io.


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