EarlyBirds Offers Alternate Ways Of Solving Business Challenges For Head Of Business Units

Open innovation ecosystem EarlyBirds is appealing to business leaders to explore the services it offers that can supercharge different parts of their business so that they can be better equipped to grow and thrive in the modern economy.

A business is not a monolith. It is an amalgamation of carefully designed systems and processes that work towards a common goal. Modern organizations tend to have several silos such as operations, human resources, accounting, manufacturing, research, logistics, marketing, and sales, just to name a few. The future and profits of a company are tied to the individual performance of each of these business units and how they manage to work together to propel the company forward. Businesses strive to strike a fine balance between the size and the responsibilities assigned to each of these units to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency without being starved for resources.

There are several examples in the annals of business history that exemplify the need to ensure that every cog in the machine is running smoothly, to its fullest capacity, and is prepared to pivot when the situation demands it. One of the best examples of the need for flexibility and foresight in the technology sector is Apple circa 1995. The company had maintained a conservative inventory strategy up to that point, leading it to get overwhelmed by the demand for the Power Macs that were released that year. The company was unable to keep up with the demand, infuriating customers, leading to a 17 percent drop in its stock price, and losing market share to the PC, a loss that it arguably never recovered from. Apple then recognized the need to have a robust supply chain and even went so far as to appoint Tim Cook, the company’s resident supply chain expert to be its new CEO in 2011.

Thankfully, modern technology is catching up to the inefficiencies of traditional business models and offering solutions that streamline the operations of these units and prepare them for difficult challenges without much overhead cost. Usually, the answer to the innovation problem comes in the form of hiring consultancies that specialize in the provision of services specific to the areas of the business most in need of revitalization.

Big names such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and others offer services that help executives make better decisions and convert them into actions that boost the bottom line. These massive names, however, come with an equally massive sticker price. The size of the US consulting market is almost $65 billion dollars with worldwide figures reaching just over $132 billion. Smaller companies that are struggling to survive in a cutthroat market may not have access to the level of resources needed to enlist the help of such big players.

EarlyBirds is presenting a solution to this problem through the implementation of an open innovation ecosystem that aims to streamline the process of finding actionable innovations by bringing together early adopters, innovators, and subject matter experts, all under one roof. To convey the utility of its services, the company has coined the term Edzlity, a portmanteau of the terms Edge and Agility, two qualities that perfectly encapsulate the advantages that its platform offers.

The platform gives established market leaders an edge by giving them unfettered access to young start-ups, emerging scale up and mature growth-stage companies that have developed technologies and solutions that can solve their industry’s most pressing problems. The platform allows the business leaders to implement those solutions in a limited capacity to test out the potential of the ideas, hence making them agile enough to shift their strategy according to the direction that the market forces are taking them in. The model ensures that an organization becomes self-learning and self-sustaining so that it can weather the storm of industry disruption by preparing itself for rough times.

Readers can find out more about EarlyBirds and the range of services offered by its carefully curated ecosystem of innovators by heading over to its website at earlybirds.io.


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