EarlyBirds named as the Most Innovative B2B Consulting & Collaboration Platform - 2021

EarlyBirds, an Australian company, is well-known for bringing together innovators (startups, scaleup & mature), early adopters, and subject matter experts/consultants, has just been named as the Most Innovative B2B Consulting & Collaboration Platform – 2021. This honor was given out by the well-recognized online publication Corporate Vision. It’s a monthly digital platform that was designed to support and guide better business practices, something it has been successfully doing since 2010. This has also led to this company’s digital business news platform to accumulate a worldwide circulation that includes over 155,000 business leaders and experts.

Earlybirds logoAccording to this online publication’s website, “The Corporate Excellence Awards were launched by CV Magazine to showcase the companies and individuals that are committed to innovation, business growth, and providing the very best products and services to clients across a wide range of industries. This award was judged purely on merit by our in-house team with all potential winners assessed against multiple relevant criteria, including company performance over a given period, expertise within the industry, sector, or region, previous accolades won, and client testimonials or recommendations.”

Receiving one of these Corporate Excellence Awards which have been given out to selected businesses since 2017 is no simple matter. The initial process starts with putting together a list of businesses that are worthy of consideration for the award. These are businesses that have been deemed to go above and beyond in their relevant sector over the previous 12 months. The businesses that were considered also showed an extreme desire to strive every day to be better than they were the day before. Candidate businesses were then researched further using industry journals, company websites, client testimonials, press releases, directories, and more to determine the various category award winners.

Company co-founder and CEO Kris Poria says, “We have worked very hard over the years putting together an extensive worldwide platform that can bring together innovators, early adopters, and related subject matter experts/consultants to create unique business opportunities for these individuals and businesses. It’s also an endeavor which we at our company take much pride in doing to the best of our ability. Being recognized with this the Most Innovative B2B Consulting & Collaboration Platform – 2021 reaffirms that what we are doing and how we go about doing it really works.”

Jeff Penrose, the other company co-founder and COO, added, “We started EarlyBirds with a clear vision in mind to accelerate the capacity, speed, and culture to innovate and solve wicked business and technical challenges. Awards such as Corporate Vision’s Most Innovative B2B Consulting & Collaboration Platform – 2021 shows that we have gone a long way towards reaching that goal.”

Those that visit the earlybirds.io website to help accelerate their business can expect many benefits from doing that. This is especially important when it comes to helping early adopter companies find business opportunities much faster. Penrose says that there are many innovators out there in the world that simply do not have the connections or financing to bring their products to market. So, by matching them up with early adopter businesses it creates a win-win situation for both parties. He stated that this process is further enhanced when consultants that specialize in related subject matter are brought into the picture. It’s why their client businesses have experienced such as high success rate.

Those that subscribe to the company’s self-service platform can search using desired innovations, services, and challenges which includes a database of over three million innovators looking to showcase their global industry innovation capability. The platform can also be used to buy and sell innovations and services, collaborate across the organisation or project teams using the system’s projects functionality feature, and help to create a shortlist of candidate solutions. A subscription also includes a conduct curation process for best fit, training, and support on the platform and EarlyBirds program frameworks, and optional access to Innovation Maps in specific themes e.g. Global Cybersecurity Innovation Capability.

More details as to how EarlyBirds goes about matching up innovators, early adopters, and subject matter experts/consultants can be found on the company website.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

Mr Kris Poria and Mr Jeff Penrose
+61 401 287 060