EarlyBirds is Building Global Cybersecurity Innovation Capability View for CISO Teams

EarlyBirds, the global open innovation ecosystem that connects innovators, industry leaders, and subject matter experts, has announced that it is building a global cybersecurity innovation capability view for CISO’s teams.

A CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) oversees a company’s strategy for protecting its data and intellectual capabilities. They develop policies that are implemented organization-wide to find and weed out the failings in its security architecture so that the company can resist attacks from the ever-increasing threat of hackers and other malicious actors. They also oversee the operations of the company that directly involve handling its clients’ data and allocate the optimum budget to stand a fighting chance of keeping the organization secure.

As enterprise systems collect more and more data and the software infrastructure becomes more and more complex, it becomes critical to ensure that there are no leaks and data breaches due to poor management. All it takes is a small procedural misstep or a misconfigured server to open the floodgates to data theft. These mistakes, though small and seemingly inconsequential to fix, can have sweeping ramifications on the company’s bottom line if the hack and the extent of the data stolen are made public. Due to the nature of the problem companies may sometimes skimp on the cybersecurity budget and expertise to save some money. The effects of such cost-cutting are disastrous as has been demonstrated time and time again.

2020 was a busy year for cybersecurity experts as many prominent businesses were hacked and their data and intellectual property were stolen. Attacks such as Garmin, Software AG, SolarWinds reminded industry leading CISOs that the world of cybersecurity is a persistent cat and mouse game with companies often playing catch up with the sophisticated techniques employed by hackers. Large businesses that hold sensitive financial and personal data will always struggle to stay one step ahead of those who are waiting for the first chance to penetrate their defenses.

In such a high-stakes scenario, the logical move is to create an environment where innovative ideas bubble up to the top and strengthen the existing cybersecurity capabilities. Creating such a fertile environment where original ideas and swift-moving, disruptive innovators can shine is a challenge that very few companies can achieve. EarlyBirds serves this niche by creating the exact kind of ecosystem that breeds cutting-edge security technology.

EarlyBirds is using its big data pool of well more than 1 million global innovators to create a comprehensive cybersecurity innovation capability view for CISO teams. The global view of cybersecurity will be in the form of an innovation map broken down into key thematic areas and sub-themes. Users can look at the entire ecosystem of cybersecurity or drill into a specific theme or sub-theme and identify solution options or emerging technologies based on maturity, location, and many other attributes. CISOs and their teams can use the data and EarlyBirds processes to quickly solve challenges or seize opportunities or evaluate options before going to market. The innovation search function allows CISO’s to identify local sovereign innovators to support and nurture local startups, scaleups, and mature businesses. The EarlyBirds cybersecurity innovation map can be linked to an organization’s strategic and operational cybersecurity plans and operations.

Co-founder and CEO of EarlyBirds, Kris Poria, addresses CISOs who are looking to bolster their current security capabilities by saying, “As leaders within the cybersecurity industry, CISOs have a job that gets more difficult by the day as newer exploits are found and exposed. The competitiveness required to survive in this landscape can prove worrisome to any executive who is looking to protect their company’s valuable data and, more importantly, the company’s reputation of being a trustworthy player in its respective industry. EarlyBirds brings together the best and brightest minds in the cybersecurity ecosphere to solve these pressing problems. If you are a CISO or working in a team for one, sign up with earlybirds.io today to get access to the expertise you need to stay on top of your company’s cybersecurity challenges.” EarlyBirds is also planning to launch Cybersecurity Innovation as a Service with its SMEs to its Enterprise customers.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

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