EarlyBirds.io Partners With Space and Satellite Industry to Encourage Innovation

Open innovation ecosystem EarlyBirds.io is pleased to announce that they can help companies in the space and satellite industries find innovation partners and solutions to drive their progress forward regardless of what challenges they are aiming to solve. The global space economy continues to grow and show signs of strength even while many companies and industries struggle to survive in a tumultuous post-pandemic world. The industry’s investment in technology and innovation has led to improved affordability and productivity, leading to new capabilities and opening opportunities in the market for even more space and satellite related companies to take hold. This has led to recording-setting growth in the number of satellites launched, among other interesting space adjacent statistics. More and more companies are looking into providing satellite broadband internet as well as many other potential uses for low orbiting satellites.

According to retired Navy Rear Admiral, Tom Zelibor the space industry has entered an “era of access and opportunity”. He states that “Today’s era of access and opportunity is not bound by traditional approaches of solitary nations or enterprises going it alone to fulfill bold missions but rather we are establishing new relationships with greater possibilities for success among partners and investors”. The EarlyBirds platform is one such location where new relationships are being established with great opportunities for innovation and success for innovators, who can learn more about what the platform can do for them at https://earlybirds.io/en/innovator The platform connects innovators with early adopter organizations that are interested in using new technologies to solve problems and create novel solutions.

Space exploration and the innovation it entails are essential drivers for opening up new domains in space science and technology. They trigger new partnerships and develop capabilities that create new opportunities for addressing global challenges. Space exploration also motivates young people to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the STEM disciplines). Through the inspiration provided by successful space related missions, especially those with diverse representation on their teams, more and more people will become interested in learning the skills required to produce further space exploration and solve other problems of tomorrow that we may not even know about yet today. EarlyBirds is honored to be inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists by enabling those around today to do more and better work through strategic partnerships facilitated by their platform.

Though the precise nature of future benefits from space exploration is not easily predefined, current trends suggest that significant advantage may be found in areas such as new materials, health and medicine, transportation and computer technology. These are some of the areas where space exploration has, in the past, led to innovations that end up being used by a broader population. As the benefits of space exploration and innovation become better known, increasingly more countries and non-governmental entities are interested in engaging in exploration and innovation. The EarlyBirds platform makes it easier than ever before for those interested in joining the space industry to contribute, whether they are innovating new solutions for space travel and satellite launches or adopting those technologies in their own organizations. Companies and individuals interested in learning more about the early adoption side of the EarlyBirds platform can visit their website at https://earlybirds.io/en/early_adopter

EarlyBirds is an ideal partner to work with on space a satellite programs and opportunities because they have innovators of all sizes and types in the industry relevant to early adopters who can find value in their creations and build off of them. They also provide a variety of services to help innovators and early adopters get the most use out of their work and their platform, including the Explorer and Challenger programs which can help organizations solve their greatest challenges to create products that help build a revenue pipeline that supports further innovation. Readers who are interested in learning more about EarlyBirds and the work they do can visit their website today for information regarding their myriad services.


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