EarlyBirds Helping Biosecurity Innovators and Early Adopters Looking for Solutions

According to a recent CSIROScope blog post referencing the Australia’s Biosecurity Future report says, “The system won’t cope with the increasing threat and complexity of disease, pest and weed incursions over the next decade. Growing levels of trade and travel, urbanisation, climate change, biodiversity loss, and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) are all creating new challenges. And our current biosecurity system isn’t designed to meet them.”

“This has led to a rise in the number of biosecurity risk materials and a growing burden created by species which have yet to be eradicated or deemed ineradicable. How challenges are addressed over the next decade will significantly impact the health of Australians. It will also impact our communities, ecosystems, agricultural systems and food security into the future.”

EarlyBirds CEO and co-Founder, Kris Poria says, “We created EarlyBirds based on a vision of helping society solve large complex challenges like those presented by biosecurity with actionable innovation. One thing that we hate to see is an idea for a good solution go to waste because of a lack of resources or not knowing how to bring it to market. That’s why our services and programs were created in such a way to facilitate collaboration between the relevant players to solve business challenges.”

EarlyBirds offers self-service and assisted programs for organisations needing to augment biosecurity innovation programs or to resolve specific business challenges with actionable innovation. The self-service subscription to the EarlyBirds platform allows organisations to search for innovative solutions and identify Subject Matter Experts.

Poria went on to talk about why biosecurity has become such a mainstream area of concern lately. Much of which of course has been brought to the forefront by the ongoing pandemic. He says that what once was only the subject matter of fictional movies, people are now having to learn to live with every day. That has taken biosecurity from an afterthought for many into a rapidly emerging solution and services category. It also has innovators, investors and early adopters looking to capitalize on the new level of awareness that now surrounds biosecurity.

The EarlyBirds open ecosystem platform holds a global big data pool of over 1.3 Million innovators. This can be searched by key industries such as biosecurity, emerging themes, solution keywords, location of the innovator and organisational maturity. The Innovation Project functionality provides an ability to record a business challenge statement, engage and collaborate with stakeholders, search, store, manage and curate relevant candidate Innovators to solve business challenges.

The company Co-founder Jeff Penrose says that biosecurity in its simplest terms are procedures, solutions and education put in place to protect humans, animals and plants from risks in the form of Biological agents. These can be either naturally occurring or manmade viruses, bacteria, parasites, protozoa, or fungus. Penrose gave an example of one innovator who developed a laser-based product that deters wild birds from mixing with chickens at poultry farms in an attempt to control Avian Swine Flu. We have the unique ability to search globally through our global big data pool of innovations to identify novel solutions to solve biosecurity challenges.

EarlyBirds has a range of SME led assisted programs to assist organisation with their strategic and operational biosecurity challenges. The programs are developed for organisations needing to supplement internal capabilities or to provide dedicated resources for innovation initiatives. The Challenger program is designed to solve a defined business challenge, in a short period of time, using interlinked phases. The Explorer program addresses enterprise innovation needs and supplement internal teams. It provides a range of options including industry specific innovation maps and blueprints, innovation days plus the option to run multiple Challenger programs and learning engagements with innovators.

For those that would like more information on how the company’s services work, they can find this information on EarlyBirds website which can be found at https://earlybirds.io.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

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