EarlyBirds Explores Why Gov and Industry Are Investing in Artificial Intelligence

EarlyBirds, the Australian company that operates the Early Birds Marketplace, a business to business (B2B) open ecosystem that enables innovators, early adopters, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to get together and push for technology advancement, has examined why the Australian government and industry are investing in artificial intelligence. First of all, artificial intelligence may be able to deliver economy-wide advantages by boosting Australia's competitive capabilities, allowing for an industry wide transformation and unlocking local jobs and economic growth in the country.

The Australian Government has established the National Artificial Intelligence Centre, investing $53.8 million over four years, with the goal of stimulating business adoption of AI technologies by coordinating AI capabilities and expertise in Australia. The Australian government has also been providing $33.7 million to support Australian businesses over a span of four years to allow these businesses to partner with government to pilot projects for AI-based solutions to national challenges.

The Australian Government is also investing $24.7 million for a span of six years by creating the Next Generation AI Graduates Program to attract and train job-ready and home-grown AI specialists. The government has also allocated $12 million for five years to stimulate the growth of AI opportunity in the various regions by co-funding up to 36 competitive grants for the development of AI solutions for regional or local issues.

Many businesses are excited with regards to the potential benefits offered by AI. For example, local food manufacturer BlueEsky wants to speed up their operations with the use of robotics and AI. Their goal is to boost output while avoiding the construction of a second factory. A Digital Capability Centre introduced them to the robotics and AI department of a partner university, which allowed BlueEsky to test the AI and robotics technologies for their manufacturing processes. The result of the partnership was that the university was able to commercialise its technology and introduce it to the manufacturing market much more quickly. As for BlueEsky, they were able to boost their manufacturing capability and they were also able to digitalise other components of their business, with the result that efficiencies and profits were increased.

AI technology has also been found to be useful in predicting the location of viable mineral and energy deposits. In collaboration with Geoscience Australia, Australian firm ACMEData was able to use their novel AI system to examine petabytes of geoscience digital data that was produced over the last 60 years. It was observed that their tool can help in predicting new economically viable mineral and energy deposits that can open investment opportunities in previously unexplored areas. After the pilot, Geoscience Australia bought the system from ACMEData.

Meanwhile, the EarlyBirds system has the goal of getting insights that are obtained from the challenges customers have and which they are always striving to comprehend and then pivoting as needed to boost their customers’ businesses. Thus, it could play an important role in a company that is adopting new technology, such as artificial intelligence.

The EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem will play a key role in the development of business applications of new technology, such as artificial intelligence. This is because it provides a platform and services where businesses are able to find innovators or developers of disruptive solutions. In addition, EarlyBird’s SMEs are participating as consultants to provide assistance to businesses and innovators partnering for the benefit of all participants.

The EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem is made up of the platform with in excess of 1 million innovators and the assisted Explorer and Challenger programs. The Explorer program is designed to offer innovation for the whole organisation as a service and has various features, such as: a platform enterprise license; weekly webinars to help stimulate innovation in the organisation; a nominated SME for the business; a focus on certain innovations; and quarterly and monthly innovation days. The Challenger program is designed for people who want to focus on a specific problem for the organisation.

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