EarlyBirds Calls Out for States or Countries Desirous to Create an Agility & Edge with Disruptive Innovations to Live or Work with COVID19

EarlyBirds, a company connecting innovators (startups, scaleups and mature) with subject matter experts and early adopters across a wide range of industries, has suggested the use of disruptive innovations to open the global economy safely.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on countries all around the world. The livelihood of countless people has been put in jeopardy. Large swaths of the population suddenly found themselves out of work owing to lockdowns and the resultant dramatic decrease in both national and global economic activity. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), progress made by an entire decade of job expansion in the United States was wiped out and the percentage of people out of work at the end of the year hit a staggering 8.9%. Apart from the damage caused to the global economy, the pandemic has also seen a massive human cost in the form of over 4 million deaths and an even greater impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the survivors that either find themselves handicapped by the virus’s effects or are struggling to make ends meet in the new normal.

A spokesperson for EarlyBirds talks about the effect of the pandemic and the way forward by saying, “The pandemic has definitely served as a wake-up call for governments all around the world that were exposed as being woefully unprepared. Hopefully, the aftermath of the pandemic will force countries to bolster their public health infrastructure and also diversify their industrial and economic capabilities so that the effect of a future pandemic on their GDP and employment statistics is not as dire. The best course of action is to hopefully learn from the mistakes made and draft a plan that can be implemented as a part of the nation’s future policies.”

EarlyBirds suggests that hybrid actionable solutions can be used to open a country and avoid any further impact on its economy. Hybrid solution means a country is operating while managing the society effectively and this kind of solution can be achieved using trial of innovative solutions in different areas. EarlyBirds cofounders Kris Poria and Jeff Penrose said, “We know this is a wicked problem to solve while we are working through the vaccination programs and various evolving strains but unfortunately many states governments and countries have not been looking at how disruptive innovation could assist us. While we know this will be a challenging task, EarlyBirds is open to explore this with a right partner who can collaborate with us on this journey.”

Similar to all ‘wicked problems’ the pandemic needs to be broken down into logical components using the EarlyBirds Challenger framework. The reason for this is due to the complexity of the Challenge there will be no one policy, approach or technical solution available to solve the problem. EarlyBirds believes the four key components could be: 1. Virus Management, 2. Vaccination Management, 3. Quarantine Management and 4. Society Operations. Each of these components are linked and activities in one component can have a positive or adverse effect on the others. The reason for dissecting a ‘wicked problem’ is to identify the areas that either present as a challenge or an opportunity where disruptive innovation could provide the answer. The answer may include new ways of doing things, new business models and disruptive innovation.

EarlyBirds is interested in partnering with states, countries, and industries to collaborate on solving this challenge. Interested parties may contact EarlyBirds and Readers can find out more about EarlyBirds and its services by heading over to earlybirds.io.


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