EarlyBirds Becoming Well-Known for Helping Companies to Collaborate Across the Organisation

EarlyBirds is a company that realizes for businesses to succeed in this day and age they need to accelerate actionable innovation. This is why they have established a platform that helps match businesses up with early innovators and knowledgeable consultants in a particular industry or specialised domain. Part of what they do is also helping businesses learn to collaborate across the organisation to find innovators from within. This is a formula that has worked nicely for many of today’s most successful businesses.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Kris Poria says, “Finding innovators that can help a business does not always have to come from outside a company. We like to show businesses how they can look within their current staff and employees to come up with ideas and solutions as to how they can take their products or services to a much higher level or come up with creative new products and services. This often works because a company’s own personnel are the ones who are most familiar with a company’s products, services, and stated goals. Our platform teaches businesses how to encourage their employees to be that early adopter that a company needs to grow.”

Poria went on to say that this strategy works extremely well with all-size businesses and organisations. That’s because they have established programs that are designed to help a business innovate from within. These programs will not only help a company supplement internal capabilities but also show them how to provide dedicated resources for innovation initiatives. One of these programs is what EarlyBirds calls their Challenger program. It’s designed to present a defined challenge to company personnel. Often this is done with big incentives attached and by using interlinked phases which have short time periods. The company’s CEO and co-founder also talked about their Explorer Program which directly addresses a business’s specific enterprise innovation needs and how to attain these needs through the use of internal teams. It’s a program that provides a range of options for accomplishing this. That includes coming up with industry-specific innovation maps & blueprints, the use of planned innovation days, plus the option to run multiple Challenger Programs and have employees participate in learning engagements with innovators in a related field.

According to Poria, those company’s that do not want to look internally for innovators or have not been successful doing so can take advantage of EarlyBirds self-service platform. It will help these companies augment their early adopter search in order to resolve specific business challenges with actionable innovation. He pointed out that the self-service subscription to the EarlyBirds platform allows organisations to better search for innovative solutions for their growth needs and can put a company or organisation in touch with subject matter experts. It was also stated that their self-service platform features an open ecosystem that holds a global big data pool of over 1.3 Million innovators. The company’s CEO and co-founder stated that their platform is extremely easy to use and find success with because of the wide variety of search categories it provides. This includes the ability to search using key industries, emerging themes, solution keywords, innovator location, and organisational maturity. The self-service platform even promotes innovation project functionality because it gives a business the ability to record a business challenge statement, engage and collaborate with stakeholders, and a means to search, store, manage and curate relevant candidate innovators that they feel they can use to solve their business challenges.

Poria also talked about the best way for a company to get started using their programs is to sign up for the site. This is free to do then a company simply has to choose a subscription level that best fits their needs. The company’s CEO and co-founder says they are also happy to host several seminars that will teach early adopter businesses, innovators, and subject matter experts/consultants to take advantage of their services. More on how EarlyBirds services work can be read about on the company website at https://earlybirds.io/en/early_adopter.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

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