Early Birds Marketplace Supports Australia’s Transition To Hydrogen Energy Through Collaboration &Amp; Actionable Innovation

EarlyBirds Marketplace (https://earlybirds.io) is leveraging its open ecosystem to stimulate a collaborative effort to help boost Australia’s transition to Hydrogen energy. The marketplace connects businesses from various industries with peers that may have innovative solutions for challenges they would otherwise find difficult to overcome. This collaborative effort will help Australian businesses implement new strategies to aid in the adoption of Hydrogen energy, which is widely expected to be the fuel of the future

In a just released EarlyBirds Insight Series Paper (titled “Kickstarting Innovation and Collaboration in Hydrogen Projects") and a webinar (titled “Can Actionable Innovation Accelerate Australia's Transition to Hydrogen Energy”), the EarlyBirds Marketplace team discusses how they believe such collaboration can help bring about this reality. The key, the company says, is to uncover new methods by which innovation in the Hydrogen fuel industry and supply chain can be fast tracked. The aim of this endeavour is to make it easier for the country as a whole to adopt an energy solution with net zero emissions.

According to webinar guest and co-author - Joe Corvetti, EarlyBirds Strategic Advisor for the Energy Sector, Australia’s energy transition is accelerating, with net emission targets driving investments to renewables and supporting green hydrogen developments. This is where Early Birds Marketplace and its members may make a resounding impact.

Corvetti states the Early Birds’ ecosystem is certainly well placed to bring in the Early Adopters and the Innovators being supported by the Subject Matter Experts and promote connections that will allow them to marshal their separate resources into a cohesive and effective solution.

The second guest speaker and co-author - Suren Thurairajah Early Birds Marketplace Subject Matter Expert Consultant - adds that they carried out a, “basic search for hydrogen,” on the Early Birds database and found more than 200 Innovators under this criterion. These 200 were then pared down to Innovators that the team considered were able to add value to hydrogen energy transition activities, bringing the number to around 90. Of this 90, the team found several that offered innovative solutions in this industry, and this is what the team believes will offer the country the greatest opportunity to embrace a hydrogen fuel future.

The EarlyBirds Insight Report and webinar into Australia’s Hydrogen future is a timely reminder of the importance of bilateral and multilateral collaboration between Innovators, Early Adopters and Subject Matter Experts. The recent agreement announced by the Australian Government on the 19 November 2020 states “academia and industry experts will team up to advance the future development of a hydrogen supply chain between Australia and Germany”, highlights the importance of tapping into and using an open ecosystem of key players to solve significant business challenges in a timely manner.

The webinar was initially streamed on November 24th at 8am AEDT, but a recording is available for future viewers through the EarlyBirds Marketplace YouTube channel. Future webinars are planned for this topic as well as others that EarlyBirds believes are vital for a successful and prosperous community. These webinars include a Q&A session giving live viewers an opportunity to have their inquiries answered immediately by the guest experts. The EarlyBirds Insight Report on Australia’s hydrogen economy can also be found on the EarlyBirds website.

EarlyBirds Marketplace seeks to support innovation and collaboration between otherwise disassociated entities that will help unlock new technologies faster and bring them more efficiently to market. Cofounders Kris Poria and Jeff Penrose launched the platform with the mission of promoting disruptive innovators who could push their various industries forward, benefitting both their respective businesses as well their communities.


Those interested in learning more about their recent activities are welcome to sign up at their official website at https://earlybirds.io and begin browsing their featured solutions. Further inquiries regarding their efforts to propel Australia’s transition to Hydrogen energy (and similar subjects) may be directed to Jeff Penrose of EarlyBirds Marketplace. The company can also be reached through their social media channels.


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