Eagle Production Co Updates Audio Visual Inventory

Lakewood, New Jersey based Eagle Production Co. is pleased to announce that they have recently updated their inventory of professional audio and video (AV) equipment. The company offers a full range of audiovisual services for events in the greater New Jersey area.

Eagle Production Co. CEO and founder Shaya Adler says, “Audio-visuals are the key to getting your message across to your clients. By having the proper technology and expertise to handle a wide range of AV equipment, you will be able to reach your target audience more effectively.”

Event A/V Services

As noted on their website, Eagle Production Co. offers audio-visual equipment rentals for various events in New Jersey. The company strives to create events that soar beyond their clients’ expectations, and they are one of the Tri-State area’s premier full-scale event coordinators. Over the last decade, they have produced and worked on some of the best events on the East Coast.

Meanwhile, Eagle Production Co. explains that, instead of renting equipment from other providers that are simply marking up prices way too high, they manage their own events inventory — thus enabling them to pass savings onto their clients. This in turn allows them to offer their clients equipment rental and audiovisual services at unrivaled rates.

The company also explains that the reason why an updated inventory is important is due to the fact that sound and lighting equipment must be turned over every few years lest it become obsolete. This is especially true for the companies that specialize in technology like Eagle Production Co. They place a heavy emphasis on the importance of keeping up with the latest equipment and training their team to do the same.

Eagle Production Co. began as Eagle Sound, a local production company that used to solely offer professional audio services. However, when they managed to produce several successful events in a row, they eventually wound up evolving into Eagle Production Company, the full-scale event production company they are known as today.

Despite being a bigger company today than ever before, they assert that they have remained true to their humble beginnings. Even to this day, they continue to build their business on the model of surpassing clients’ expectations. While it is true that they bring together the best team with the best technology, they have succeeded more due to how much they value every client. They enjoy providing both the custom solutions and the personalized service that their clients have grown to love. In fact, the company’s dedication to the satisfaction of their clients is reflected in the positive reviews left by those who have engaged their services.

In a glowing review, Facebook user Nicole Eglanoff Herzberg recommends Eagle Production Co., stating, “Shaya and his team did a wonderful job with our wedding. They had a great vision for what would look best and executed it very well. Shaya went above and beyond to make our event look great, and we are so happy with how everything came out; he really made the hall and all of the other decor pop. They were very easy to work with and I highly recommend them.”

In another highly positive review, Facebook user Elimelech Adler writes, “Wow! I couldn't believe it. Eagle did such a fabulous job on sound at a recent gig. The sound was stellar. We got so many compliments from the guests about how amazing it was. The engineer and sound tech were the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I will definitely be using Eagle again for our live sound needs.”

Eagle Production Co. explains that they bridge the gap between their client’s vision and their reality. They are one of the few production companies in the area that know how to actually execute the ideas that their client may have envisioned. By leveraging their collection of creative minds, they manage to compose and produce moments their clients may never forget. The company knows how to pull from both a person’s inspiration and their own experiences to create a true masterpiece of an event.


Those interested in learning more about Eagle Production Co. may find more information on their website at https://eagleproductionco.com/event-av/. Alternatively, clients may connect with Eagle Production Co. via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


For more information about Eagle Production Co., contact the company here:

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