E3Live Canada Introduces 100% Organic, Safe And Edible Blue-Green Algae Products Into The Market

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E3Live Canada is an all-organic superfood company that has been providing natural organic health products since 1991. A spokesperson for the company says, “We pride ourselves on our reputation and do what it takes to make sure we offer only the best quality products on the market. We are very critical and selective when it comes to harvesting, filtering, testing and formulating all our products.”

He continues, “Our harvesting and purity testing is of utmost importance to us. We not only meet, but exceed quality and safety standards for harvesting processes. We adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in order to maintain our Certified Organic status and Kosher certification. As always, we invite you to call and speak to any of our staff.”

The company focuses on products derived from the blue-green algae called E3Live®/E3AFA. The E3Live nutrient dense AquaBotanical™ is available in 473ml bottles and its ingredient is 100 percent organic liquid AFA algae (fresh-frozen Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). This product contains over 65 vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. It has been observed that this product may help in increasing energy levels and in boosting mental clarity.

E3Live Canada is also happy to announce that they have introduced a certified organic, proprietary, and chemical-free Spirulina extract supplement called Blue Majik. It contains both phycocyanin (PC) and non-PC chemicals which is an unmatched combination not previously found in regular Spirulina products. PC has been observed in clinical studies to relieve physical discomfort and this implies consumers of Blue Majik may feel better and as a result, they can do more activities and have a more enjoyable and better quality of life.

Blue Majik can be used in a number of recipes, as indicated in the E3Live Canada website. Popular recipes are Super Blueberry Pudding, Apple Blueberry Crumb Pie, Banana Blue Majik Pie, Blue Majik Banana Ice Cream, Blue Majik Macaroons, Blue Majik Virgin Margarita, Blue Majik Smoothie, Golden and Blue Majik Cashew Mylk, and Majik Peach Cobbler.

Those who have tried E3Live have mostly positive things to say about it. For instance, Andrea C., who is a model and personal fitness trainer, said, “I use E3Live right before my early morning 15k runs to get my energy up. It helped tremendously with my energy levels and warding off fatigue with my training sessions. It also keeps me in check for the day, reminding me to eat clean and stay focused.”

Another important organic superfood product from E3Live Canada is the E3 PowerON, which is a fresh frozen liquid. It is a nutrient dense AquaBotanical™ containing organic, liquid fresh-frozen AFA algae (Aphanizomenon flos aquae) with PowerON®, an organic AFA extract of phenylethylamine (PEA). Just like E3Live, it has more than 65 vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and essential fatty acids. And it has been observed that it may help in boosting energy levels and in improving mental clarity.

E3Live Canada also offers Dried E3AFA, which is considered to be the most nutritional powder form of AFA or Aphanizomenon flos aquae. Because it is in dense powder form, it offers a number of advantages, such as: being convenient for traveling and camping, and other situations when refrigeration of E3Live is not possible; availability in both powder and vegetarian capsule forms; provision of over 65 vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, and amino acids; rich supply of chlorophyll and ability to serve as a vegetarian source of human active vitamin B12; and ability to help with overall mind and body balance in a variety of ways.

E3Live Canada was founded by Michael Saiber, who is currently the President. He discovered the importance of raw living foods lifestyle over 30 years ago after staying with Dr. Ann Wigmore. He is more than 70 years old and he believes that his boundless energy and young appearance are due to the healthy foods that he eats.

Those who are interested in more blue-green algae news can check out the E3Live Canada media room or their website. People can also call them on the phone or contact them through email.


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