Dyer News Announces Top Personal Finance Articles for February, 2021

Dyer News has announced its list of the top 10 Personal Finance articles for February 2021. The popular news site regularly scours through personal finance focused posts and articles and compiles the best each month. Articles from all over the web are considered, with the February Top 10 Personal Finance Articles focusing on such topics as evolving finances, money making decisions, the nature of success and shame that often surrounds matters of money, as well as investing, inflation and overall purchasing power.

Given the number of consumers who have lost their primary source of income or who have seen that income drastically reduced over the past 12 months, experts agree that money management advice is an important thing for most households today. A common subject area for articles chosen for the top 10 is advice on money management, which is an important topic in today’s world. February's highlights include "A False Sense of Purchasing Power" by Joshua Becker where he delves into the concept of basing your spending on your net worth instead of your income in order to avoid financial distress. Another interesting read is Darius Foroux's pragmatic approach to investing, including an explanation of his 90/10 rule for investing.

Top 10 Must-Read Personal Finance Posts February 2021

Dyer News editor mentioned, "The nature of money has led to some interesting associations with success and shame. This month several authors explored the nature of those associations and how to look at money habits in a healthier light."

The articles focused on money success and shame included in the February Top 10 list are “How Do You Define Success” by Jewels from One Frugal Girl, “What Is The Opposite Of Success” by Derek from Life and My Finances, and “Should We Talk About Shame and Money?” which appears on A Dime Saved. Each article inspires one to think about your own perceptions of money and how they influence your actions with others.

Rounding out the February Top 10 are four articles the touch on the evolution of money - from the actual buying power of a million dollars today compared to historical standards, to spending habits, practical advice on when to pay off your car loan early, to a more philosophical discussion about minimalism and money. Each of the Top 10 articles is listed with a brief synopsis, along with their authors and the site where they originally appear.

2020 was a harsh year for many households all over the world. Layoffs, unemployment, rising costs, the inability to go to work in many industries, and the pandemic in general have made it difficult for families to keep up with their finances. Dyer News is dedicated to bringing informative articles to consumers that will help them to learn better ways of handling their finances and planning for the future.


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