Dutchess County Real Estate Attorney Natalia Sishodia Explains Benefits of a 1031 Exchange Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

Dutchess County real estate lawyer Natalia Sishodia releases a new article (https://sishodia.com/benefits-of-a-1031-exchange-delaware-statutory-trust-dst/) explaining the benefits of a 1031 Exchange Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). According to the lawyer, in New York, real estate investments come in many forms in order to give the investors more variety in their choices.

“A real estate investment may also involve many tax considerations, so it is normal for investors to look for options that will limit their tax liability. This is where a 1031 exchange comes in,” says the Dutchess County real estate lawyer.

Dutchess County real estate lawyer

The lawyer explains that a 1031 exchange refers to a swap/exchange of property that is held specifically for business or investment purposes. In a 1031 exchange, an investor may be able to exchange an investment property for another of the same kind to avoid paying capital gains on the sale of the property.

Attorney Natalia Sishodia also states that a 1031 Exchange does not limit how many or how often an investor may do 1031 Exchanges. Although a 1031 exchange can be beneficial for investors, it is not without its challenges. This is why some investors look to the Delaware Statutory Trust.

Attorney Sishodia discusses that the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) which is an entity that has been recognized as a trust institution. DST is a term used to describe similar entities in any state. DSTs are often used for real estate investment and are popular with 1031 Exchanges.

In the article, the lawyer also discusses that a DST is an entity that is recognized as a trust establishment. A DST is a term that is used to describe similar entity types in any state, not just Delaware. Oftentimes, a DST is used for real estate investments and is popular with 1031 exchanges.

Furthermore, attorney Sishodia says that in order to benefit from DST, an investor may be able to sell the original investment property for an interest in a DST and become a fractional owner. Transferring ownership from a 1031 property into a DST removes the responsibility of managing the 1031 property from the owner.

Lastly, attorney Natalia Sishodia emphasizes how important it is to seek the help of an experienced attorney when it comes to real estate transactions. Having a skilled real estate attorney may help ease the burden of understanding complex terms from the customer and may guide them into making a more informed decision.

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