Dutch Corporate Lawyers MAAK Attorneys In Amsterdam Offer Doing Business In Holland Brochure


MAAK Attorneys, a Dutch law-firm in Amsterdam, has published a brochure titled ‘Doing Business in Holland’. This brochure offers general information about the legal services that a company or organisation conducting business in The Netherlands can source from the law-firm.

"The Netherlands is one of the most attractive countries for investments in Europe," says MAAK's corporate lawyer and partner, Renso van Wieringhen Borski. "The rule of law is respected and enforced here; the enforcement of contracts is quick and efficient. If you are interested in investing or doing business in The Netherlands, our ‘Doing Business in Holland’ brochure would give you an excellent overview of the full spectrum of legal services made available at MAAK for your business.”

The ‘Doing Business in Holland’ brochure can be downloaded here: https://www.maak-law.com/corporate-brochure.

MAAK Attorneys provide legal support to international businesses who want to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Holland offers many benefits including tax and investment incentives. MAAK Attorneys add to that advantage with their legal expertise for the commercial and strategic needs of a client business.

For more information on the whole range of legal services that MAAK offers, visit the law-firm's website at: https://www.maak-law.com/law-firm-in-amsterdam/.

“We work with you to plan for the future and solve problems efficiently along the way,” stated Renso van Wieringhen Borski. “Our Dutch attorneys in Amsterdam understand the legal issues of the various players in the industry including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, commercial agents, and other parties. Our attorneys in the Netherlands also have a deep understanding of resellers and end-consumers. This includes liability matters, disputes and safety. With our wide array of experience and understanding of various perspectives, MAAK can sure-footedly help you reach the solutions to the strategic challenges of your organisation.”

Setting up business in Holland as a legal entity needs to be done in the most careful manner while keeping an eye on all the current and future strategic requirements of the business. If a business owner is not sure about whether their company is set up properly for its desired operations, then it might be time to take another look at what form of legal entity best suits the company’s needs. MAAK Attorneys can help with this process by providing advice and guidance on how to optimize the use of various forms of Dutch corporate law like BV (besloten vennootschap), NV (naamloze vennootschap) and CV (commanditaire venootschap).

As Dutch corporate lawyers, Renso van Wieringhen Borski and his team are well-equipped with experience, knowledge and skills to steer a business toward creating the right company structure in Holland. Renso’s personal profile on the law-firms website can be viewed here: https://www.maak-law.com/corporate-lawyer-netherlands.

The team at MAAK Attorneys (also known locally as MAAK Advocaten) has been receiving positive reviews on Google for the thorough and professional services delivered. A client of the firm, R. de Jong, wrote: “Great law firm with a very accessible approach. I can highly recommend MAAK Advocaten for international contracts and (impending) trade disputes in the Netherlands. They are always searching for new angles to get the best results. Top firm!”

Another international client, T.A. Hess wrote: ”We needed legal representation for a dispute based in the Netherlands and our U.S. attorney connected us with the team at MAAK Advocaten NV. The representation of our interests was handled extremely well and we feel we could not have made a better selection of a law firm.”

Parties having a dispute with a Dutch party, or would like to enter into a partnership with a Dutch partner, or are wanting to set up a company in the Netherlands, or are seeking legal advice in matters related to corporate law are encouraged to get in touch with MAAK Attorneys by using the links provided in this article.


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