Dumpster Rental Systems Brings Effective Automation To Waste Haulers Across The US

Cedar Park, TX based Dumpster Rental Systems (DRS) is pleased to bring their dumpster rental software to providers across the United States. The company specializes in automating much of the dumpster removal process, allowing providers to improve their response times as well as their overall customer service in addition to a host of other benefits.

Amy Johnson of Dumpster Rental Systems states, “You may consider our services the equivalent of automating every applicable aspect of your operations under a single, comprehensive software solution. From giving your customers the ability to make smooth, swift online orders through online portals to generating assignments for employees and so forth, our services can help you take out much of the repetitive bloat that is keeping your business from taking off as it should. You can access the full suite of services through virtually any device, including your mobile phone or a tablet, giving you full mobile command of your business from anywhere with an internet connection. For the modern entrepreneur on the move, this is vital to staying on top of emerging trends and responding to emergencies.”

Dumpster Rental Systems

Johnson adds that such virtualization can also help waste haulers address many of the unique challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the end appears to be in sight and many businesses are getting ready to resume normal operations in the near future, it is likely that any provider’s ability to succeed will continue to rely on how well they adapt to current challenges. The company urges such providers to reach out today and get their business the boost it needs to survive the crisis as well as grow well past its conclusion.

Elaborating on the service itself, however, Johnson explains that DRS’ dumpster software can offer a multitude of advantages, including online booking, customer surveys, reminders to add-on sales, affordable merchant services, comprehensive tracking and management and so on. Where human error and other issues may cause delays (and therefore cost the business financially), a fully automated system would be virtually free of these obstacles, effectively streamlining all operations to the point that providers will see a twofold effect: an improvement in productivity and sales as well as a decrease in costs, wasted time and more.

DRS’ software solution is so effective, in fact, that it requires very little monitoring, and Johnson suggests that this will give providers more leeway to strike a better work/home life balance despite an increase in services rendered. For instance, automation can extend a hauler’s working hours from a typical workday (9-5) to a round-the-clock service, crucially without negatively impacting the amount of time their employees have to spend at work. Providers can then focus on building their capacity to serve customers and trust the company’s software solution to automatically assign jobs as and when they are available, perhaps even dynamically informing customers of availability as and when they make a request. In addition to this, each solution is tailored to the respective provider’s requirements, which means that they will not have to address any gaps on their own or deal with services that are not relevant to their operation.

In practice, there are three types of apps that allow access to the system. At the top of the hierarchy is the Administrator App, which allows users to conduct high-level monitoring to ensure everything is in order. The Contractor App offers users to conduct booking, special pricing and swap-outs through a single platform, and the rental schedule for all contractors can be customized to meet their needs here too. Finally, the Driver App allows users to accept payments, enter a tonnage charge, communicate with the customer and much more from a single platform as well — which more likely than not will be their smartphone.


Dumpster rental providers are encouraged to contact Amy Johnson and the rest of the team at Dumpster Rental Systems to follow up on any further inquiries. DRS is happy to walk every client through the potential advantages they stand to gain by automating their business, and they look forward to working alongside the best providers in the country. Learn more through the company’s official website, which can be accessed here: https://www.dumpsterrentalsystems.com/.


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