Dumpster Rental Service Now Available In Ithaca, NY

Ithaca, NY based Elmore Dumpster Rentals is pleased to offer their dumpster rental and junk hauling services to local homeowners and businesses. To ensure a customer’s utmost convenience, a dumpster can be booked instantly through the company’s user-friendly and accessible website. Alternatively, those interested may contact their office directly for more assistance.

Four distinct types of dumpsters are available at Elmore Dumpster Rental. These include the 10-yard, 12-yard, 15-yard and 20-yard variants, each of which holds a greater volume than the last. For instance, the 10-yard dumpster has a capacity that equals four pickup trucks, while the 20-yard dumpster (the largest the company offers) can hold up to eight pickup truck loads’ worth of material.

Dumpster Rental Ithaca, NY - Elmore Dumpster Rentals

Notably, the company reassures their customers that it does not matter what kind of junk they need hauled away. Virtually any discarded material that is generated by house cleaning, yard waste or even construction debris can be disposed of via the company’s dumpsters. Such items may include general trash, appliances, refrigerators, televisions, furniture and so on. The company is also able to dispose of e-waste in a responsible fashion, and customers can expect recyclable items to be deposited in the correct sites. While it is true that Elmore Dumpster Rental takes local waste disposal regulations extremely seriously, their customers need only fill one of the company’s dumpsters with their unwanted items to be certain it will be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

As is the case with any company, a customer’s thoughts often prove to be the most illuminating when it comes to gauging how good their services are. Therefore, new customers may wish to look up the stellar reviews and feedback that Elmore Dumpster Rental - Ithaca, NY has already received.

Laurel O’Donnell awards the company a full 5-Star rating in their Google review, explaining in some detail how the team at Elmore Dumpster Rental is able to work around unavoidable obstacles to ensure a great customer experience. “Back in the heart of COVID,” the review says, “with our extra time we decided to clean out the house and get rid of some things we no longer needed. I shopped around and was very pleased that we chose Elmore Dumpster Rental! Everything, from securing the container, using the website, speaking to the office and drop-off and pick-up, was wonderful. Greg did a fantastic job placing the dumpster! I would highly recommend them, especially if you are looking to support a small local business!”

Those who read these reviews will observe that the company is often praised as much for how affordable their services are as well as the great value they provide. Additionally, Elmore Dumpster Rental understands that each customer’s time is precious, and this is evident both in how quickly a customer can rent a dumpster and how promptly the company handles delivery and pickup. Every step of the process has been carefully streamlined to minimize hassle as much as possible.

According to the company, renting a dumpster is often a mere 4-step process. On the Elmore Dumpster Rental website, a customer may first select the dumpster size they want and add it to their cart. In the next step, they can designate both the delivery and pickup date they want from the website’s built-in calendar. Contact, delivery and payment details may then be (securely) submitted to the company. The final step is a formality: the company will process the payment and send their receipt to the email provided. However, customers can usually expect the team to begin preparing their dumpster for delivery at once.

Elmore Dumpster Rental adds that customers can rest assured they will be kept apprised of any developments as their delivery date draws near. For instance, the company will contact them a few days prior to delivery in order to finalize a delivery window that is convenient for the customer and their schedule.

Further details can be found on the company’s official website and social media platforms. Customers may contact Tony Elmore of Elmore Dumpster Rental if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries regarding the company’s services, availability or coverage. They may also learn more here: Elmore Dumpster Rental - Home.


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