Dumpster Dads Now Delivers Low-Cost Rental Bins in Mount Pleasant, SC

The team at Dumpster Dads is proud to announce that they are now delivering low-cost rental dumpsters in the Mount Pleasant, SC area. This new service option will be available for residential and commercial customers who need any size of dumpster rental bin. Customers can order bins online or by phone, and delivery costs will include picking up and dropping off the rented Dumpster on site.

Company founder Michael Spitz stated, "Dumpster Dads is delighted to arrive at this milestone in our growth. We intend to ensure that no customer feels like they have to choose between getting good dumpster rental services or renting a dumpster at an affordable price. Our company has and will always prioritize its customers; always ensuring that they enjoy renting bin rentals from us and at a cheaper cost."

Dumpster Dads

Mr. Spitz further said, " Dumpster Dads is a family-run company that provides roll-off dumpsters for people and businesses. We have 15 yard and 20-yard size containers to choose from, delivered on the day you need them. The rental prices include hauling fees, disposal costs, insurance up to $500K per incident, and emergency service fee if needed. All dumpsters can handle up to 2 tons in weight without issue. The team at Dumpster Dads has been providing this service for several years. We work hard to provide excellent customer service and affordable rates with no hidden fees or surprises during your transaction."

Dumpster Dads rental costs for 20-yard roll off containers is $400 for a 30-day rental period. Their 15-yard roll off containers cost $365 for a 1-7 day rental period. They charge renters an extra $10 per day beginning from the 8th day if a renter needs to use the rental container for longer than seven days. They also have a $75 additional overage charge for every ton of waste over the stipulated weight allowance, which is 2 tons. The extra charges remain the same as for the 15-yard dumpsters. However, the company can offer a 20-yard container for $365 for a 1 to 7 day rental period upon request.

Dumpster Dads offer renters a unique discount dumpster rental price for dumpster rentals if they dispose of organic waste exclusively. Anyone who needs to rent a dumpster to get rid of organic materials or trash can select either their 15-yard dumpster rental or their 20-yard dumpster rental for a total of $300. They also charge lower overage fees for organic waste that weighs more than the given weight limit. They have a $30 overage charge for every additional ton of organic waste. Their extension charges remain at $10.

Before scheduling a delivery from Dumpster Dads or any other dumpster provider in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, one should go through the rental terms of the said company and find out what types of waste the company allows or prohibits. It is best to call the company and talk to a representative if need be.

The company operates between 9 am and 5 pm every weekday from Monday to Friday. The company also states that it frequently delivers roll off dumpsters to renters based in locations outside their regular service areas and sometimes charges a distance surcharge depending on how far out a customer is located.

Anyone looking to rent a dumpster in Mount Pleasant or the surrounding areas can contact Dumpster Dads. Below is a link to their website for more information: https://www.thedumpsterdads.com/dumpster-rental-mount-pleasant-sc/.


For more information about Dumpster Dads, contact the company here:

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