Duluth, GA Personal Injury Attorney: How To Recover Pay For Overtime

The GA based law firm of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. - Duluth is encouraging their community to learn more about their rights regarding lost wages. Given the prevailing situation across the country, it is more vital than ever for employees to receive the wages they are due, both on time and in full. As such, the firm wishes to ensure that as many people as possible understand what legal actions can be taken in the event their employer fails to live up to this aspect of their obligations.

Even before the onset of the pandemic, the firm points out that the US Department of Labor estimated that as many as 80% of employers fail to properly pay all employees for all of the hours worked and proper overtime. This failure on part of the employer, however, does not mean that an employee should consider this wage permanently lost. Instead, they should seek the advice of an experienced wage and hour lawyer at a local law firm as their first step to recovering the full wages and overtime to which they are entitled. The team at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. is ready to take on such cases on short notice, and they advise their community to get in touch as soon as possible if necessary.

The firm also acknowledges that many may not be aware that the common practices they undertake at their place of employment may legally entitle them to additional payment. For instance, people tend to believe that frequently coming in early before normal business hours or working through lunch is simply a good habit to sustain as an employee, but this may not be the case if they are not being suitably compensated. The same is true for those who work late on weekends or travel often for work during normal business hours but are not paid for their time.

Additionally, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. points out that one common practice is to label an employee as an ‘Independent Contractor,’ which excludes them from the same benefits a salaried counterpart with the same responsibilities in the workplace may have. Their supervisor may also adjust their work time down without good reason or attempt to enforce a company policy that serves to discourage the employee from submitting the full extent of their work time. Similarly, the business may not maintain accurate records of its employees' work time. In more egregious situations, employees may even get disciplined in some manner — or risk losing their jobs entirely — for questioning such practices.

An employee who has to endure one or more of these practices may be eligible to file a claim and seek compensation. To ensure they do so, however, will take an expert’s eye, and this is why they should bring their concerns to the attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. The team has a wealth of experience fighting for their clients’ rights, and they are always ready to pursue a new case aggressively for a satisfactory outcome. Notably, many clients can attest to the firm’s dedication to this goal.

Former client Keyosha Holmes-Glenn says in their Google review, “I am very well pleased with the Ken Nugent law Firm and the time they have taken to help my family and I! From the beginning of the process to now has been nothing but absolutely amazing. We have been treated so kindly, and we appreciate those who have gone out their way helping us. I am very thankful and so is my family. May God bless the entire company and their families. I greatly and highly recommend the Ken Nugent firm to anyone and everyone.”

JT Okafor also says, “I highly recommend Attorney Eric Sterling with the Ken Nugent, P.C. law firm. Attorney Sterling was incredibly responsive, competent and personable, and he ensured that I got the best outcome from my case. Attorney Sterling explained the process to me in a way that I could understand everything that was going on, and most importantly, he fought for me. Thank you, Attorney Sterling!”

Additional information on the firm, their work and the attorneys on their team can be found on their official website. Tim Derrickson of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. - Duluth may be contacted in the event a client wishes to follow up on any further inquiries. Learn more here: Personal Injury Attorney Duluth GA.


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