Dry Skin Brushing Will Not Only Reduce Cellulite But Will Also Boost Vitality by Stimulating the Lymphatic System, says ZEN ME

ZEN ME has explained that regular skin exfoliation and dry skin brushing will not only lead to younger-looking skin and reduced cellulite but also to more vitality through the stimulation of the lymphatic system and overall circulation. In fact, supermodel extraordinaire Elle Macpherson had revealed that she uses the ZEN ME dry body brush as part of her natural approach to beauty. Using a dry body brush offers a natural way to exfoliate the body because there are no chemicals or ingredients that may harm the skin. More about Elle Macpherson’s revelation that she uses dry brushing can be found at https://www.usmagazine.com/shop-with-us/news/elle-macpherson-zen-me-dry-brush-set-amazon/.

Claudia Seifert, Founder of ZEN ME, says: “The principle is quite simple. Without using any chemicals or harsh ingredients, dry brushing the body will not only naturally remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the epidermis, but it will also stimulate lymphatic drainage that results in the removal of toxins from the body. This may also help in eliminating cellulite and in boosting the person’s overall vitality.”

ZEN ME Body Brush Set

Activating lymph flow and overall circulation may also help in providing relief from swelling or water retention which is a widespread issue in modern days with the lack of exercise and a diet that adds to lymphatic congestion rather than helping lymph flow. It is very important to promote lymphatic circulation as it is the lymphatic system where cellular and metabolic wastes accumulate in order to eliminate them through the kidneys and also the skin. Hence, dry brushing can be used as an important health practice to boost the immune system via enhanced detoxification.

Dry body brushing also is easy to do as it only requires five minutes a day before taking a shower. It helps the skin “breathe” better because it unclogs the pores. And when the old skin cells are removed, the skin becomes better in absorbing moisture, allowing it to look plumper and, therefore, less wrinkly.

When doing a skin brushing session, the skin is brushed toward the main lymph gland centers in the groins, armpits and center of chest beginning with the feet and hands upwards in long strokes. Those who have been practicing dry brushing for some time, have noticed that it also gives them a natural energy boost, especially in the morning when waking up the body. Thus, dry brushing is preferably done in the morning as it may increase a person's energy due to increased blood circulation.

Dermatologists agree that the process of gently brushing the skin has beneficial exfoliating effects and may stimulate the body in a manner that is similar to a massage.

It is advisable to focus the dry brushing on those areas of lymphatic stagnation such as the thighs and buttocks where cellulite usually builds up. It is suggested to brush in an upward direction, not back and forth, about seven times on each area. A standard dry brushing session will last for approximately three to five minutes.

However, those who have sensitive skin, eczema or other skin conditions may want to avoid dry skin brushing to not cause further skin irritation. Some may want to try it as long as they make sure to take note of any warning signs, such as itchiness, discomfort, redness, or pain. It is also a good idea to avoid dry brushing sensitive areas and avoid using a brush with bristles that are too firm.

Those who are interested in learning more about the benefits for dry body brushing may want to check out the ZEN ME website or their Amazon page.


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