Drug Rehab Facility in Albuquerque Takes Insurance for Rehab

Albuquerque, New Mexico -

Icarus Behavioral Health, a treatment facility offering drug rehab in Albuquerque, NM, is happy to announce that they have recently released a guide for those who are looking for drug rehab either for themselves or their loved ones in Albuquerque and neighboring areas. They have also provided information on Aetna insurance coverage for rehab, with an article that outlines the insurance policy types, what to expect when looking for admission to rehab, and more. And finally, they have also released a resource for those who have Cigna insurance policies and how these policies can allow policyholders to get up to 100 percent of their rehab costs covered at their in-network Cigna treatment center.

They want to point out that among the choices for drug rehab in Albuquerque, Icarus Behavioral Health provides one of the best substance abuse treatment programs that rely on physical and mental healing, and are focused on reestablishing the connection between individuals and their families. On top of that, they offer one of the few places with a scenic backdrop, such as the red deserts and beautiful Rocky Mountains of New Mexico.

A client finds comfort in drug rehab Albuquerque that accepts insurance for rehab with Icarus Behavioral Health

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Icarus Behavioral Health says, “It is crucial to find the right treatment facility for your addiction disorder. You should research the treatment options available at that facility and their success stories. Many Aetna policies cover addiction treatment and are a provider we work with closely at Icarus. Many of their clients still have questions regarding whether they cover rehab and how much coverage they provide.”

Depending on the specific insurance policy in hand, Aetna insurance coverage may be used to pay most, if not all, of the policyholder’s treatment at the Icarus Behavioral Health facilities. They want to point out that policyholders don’t really have to select a particular rehab facility in their state just to receive coverage, which is important to know because it allows the patients to expand their possible choices to include other states. Aetna insurance coverage is available throughout the US and has been recognized as an important player in the fight against the opioid epidemic. With regards to medical detox, an Aetna policy can cover it fully or partially, depending on the specific policy. It is also important to note that the duration of the detox and admission to an inpatient or outpatient program will affect coverage. In addition, Aetna insurance can also cover mental health care.

Meanwhile, Icarus Behavioral Health has also released an article titled, “Does Cigna Cover Rehab?” for Cigna policyholders. Cigna is partnered with various rehab facilities all over the country to offer a range of detox, inpatient, and outpatient programs at discounted prices for covered members. In fact, Icarus Behavioral Health is an in-network provider for Cigna clients. A professional from Cigna is ready to help clients who are encountering difficulties in getting the professional help they require. They will coordinate care and make sure that the Cigna policyholder will be able to gain access to the resources needed to be on the way to recovery.

Icarus Behavioral Health has the sole mission of establishing the premier substance abuse treatment facility for the people of New Mexico. At present, they have attained their goal of achieving such leadership status in behavioral healthcare by delivering the best possible custom-fitted and evidence-based treatment for a wide range of substance use and mental health disorders. They have also leveraged the intrinsic benefits provided by the amazing views of the natural attractions located in New Mexico and the Southwestern United States as a way to improve and add to their clients’ experiences as they move forward on their way toward recovery. Because of their in-depth experience and knowledge about the specific requirements of their community, in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and also all throughout the Southwest, they have been able to function as a valuable resource for maternal mental wellness or mental health.

When looking for drug rehab Albuquerque, NM residents will benefit from a visit to the website of Icarus Behavioral Health or by contacting their Admissions staff via telephone any time of day or night.


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