Drink Fit Accelerates Digitization in 2022 with New UX Website

DrinkFit Inc., an emerging juice bar partner of fitness centers in Newport, PA, is planning to accelerate digitization in 2022 through the provision of a seamless online shopping experience for customers through enhanced User Experience (UX) on their website. In 2021, DrinkFit had made some headlines by launching an Amazon store that provided easy access to smoothie mixes and proteins for at-home smoothie drinkers in just 60 seconds. They have also launched several stores on the the East Coast. And this year, they are focusing on a new UX website for entrepreneurs and those in the fitness industry who may be interested in opening a juice bar in their facility. More about this can be gleaned from https://drinkfit.com/business/, which will be revamped in their new UX project.

DrinkFit will be making important changes to its business page, which is dedicated towards potential business owners of a smoothie bar. This is a business system has been made easier for business owners. The fruit concentrates used don’t require a freezer or refrigerator and there will also be no need for popping capsules for add-ins. The business owner only has to follow a simple five-step 60-second serving process. Business owners can order directly from the DrinkFit warehouse through telephone, email, fax, text, etc., and there is no minimum order requirement. Free shipping is provided for all orders and they offer next-day shipment and two-day delivery for most locations.

“The trends in the user interface have changed so much since we designed the website three years ago,” says DrinkFit co-founder Brian Vogt. “New programs have been developed as online shopping boomed in 2021. The Year 2022 is the year of human connection. And we want to connect more with businesses and consumers through technology.”

Brian Vogt adds, "Since the creation of our website, the business page has been my brainchild. But now, it will not just include DrinkFit's strategies on providing low capital, easy set-up, streamlined, and profitable business. It will also contain infographics of DrinkFit's 60-second Smoothie System, special sections for fitness centers, cafes, rec centers, and retirement homes, and a step-by-step visual guide to opening your own smoothie bar."

It is important to note that all cost computations will be transparent and DrinkFit will be sharing what they know about sugar and why one of the key missions is to minimize the use of sugar in their drinks while keeping them delicious. Lastly, DrinkFit will be sharing a number of stories and testimonials from current smoothies franchises and online customers. More information about DrinkFit may be gained by visiting their Facebook page.

The revamped DrinkFit business page will be provided with more UX features and content. The primary goal is to provide all users all of the information that they need to know with regards to launching a smoothie bar and giving them valuable resources that they can share with their customers. This business page will also include a number of carefully researched white paper that will have the numbers involved in a smoothie shop.

Established in 2015, DrinkFit provides a juice bar business at a competitive price and low investment. They provide wholesale pricing, marketing, cost-per-drink, and other requirements for a smoothie business. They also offer fitness-tested products that can also be provided for people at home who want a recovery drink after a workout, such as biking, walking, running, yoga, and more. Their primary philosophy is that too much sugar is detrimental for a person’s health. Thus, the use of sugar is minimized and actual fruit is used rather than just flavoring. Furthermore, they are focused on helping the consumer save time and money. And lastly, they want to make sure that consumers will love the product through its delicious taste. As a result, they have gained the trust of the fitness industry having offered their services to them for six years, with millions of smoothies sold.

People who would like to know more about the DrinkFit Smoothie product and business can check out the DrinkFit Inc. website at https://drinkfit.com/, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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