Dreamer HQ Inc: What To Do For New Years 2021

Daniel Mangena of Dreamer HQ Inc, based in New York, is pleased to announce the publication of his new Forbes feature article. The article, titled ‘Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions, Try This Instead,’ discusses what one can do to make the most of 2021 and the years to come.

2020 did not turn out as planned for many, as acknowledged in the opening lines of the article. It says, “Many of us, champagne glasses in hand, toasted 2020 as the year everything was going to change for us. 2020 was going to be our year. But that’s not quite how it turned out. At least, not for many of us.” The article follows this statement with a well-known Taoist story of an old farmer whose reply to most each unexpected turn of events is simple ‘maybe.’

To quote the article, “For every story of a business going under because of COVID-19, there’s another story of a business flourishing, doing better than ever. No, not the toilet paper or vaccine companies, or unethical businesses that tried to take advantage of their customers, but businesses that had to literally change the way they did business in order to survive.” Such businesses included restaurants whose primary source of income relied on indoor dining. Indoor dining was converted to outdoor dining — and eventually into a delivery system — in order to provide the clientele with their services. Individuals whose revenue relied on speaking or performing on stage developed video conference platforms in order to allow their audience to attend from the comfort and safety of their own homes. According to the article published on the Forbes website, this applied to performances of any scale, including Broadway shows.

The article offers several steps in order to leave 2020 behind and make the best of the upcoming year. According to the post, step one is to ‘Take Responsibility for Where You Are.’ One must be willing to take responsibility for all aspects of one’s life. Blaming other people, situations or social issues is not an advisable habit as that gives them power in one’s life. It is critical that one must take that power back into one’s own hands. The post adds, “This upsets a lot of people. People argue that they didn't choose to be poor, to get molested, to be robbed, to lose their jobs. Though that may be true to their conscious minds, 95% of what we bring into our lives, according to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. comes from our subconscious minds.”

The second step in the article is to ‘Know What You Want, As Precisely As Possible.’ One must have specific goals and aspirations and work towards them rather than merely wanting it. Step 3 of the article compliments this, as it is to ‘Match Your Feelings, Beliefs and Actions to What You Want.’ Dreamer HQ Inc believes that this may be the closest thing to a magic formula for creation. If one knows what one wants, feels it consistently, believes that it will happen and one’s actions follow this path, the article states that there is nothing one cannot create. One must work towards one’s goals with an open mind, and then shed one’s prejudices and negative beliefs (though it is not always an easy task).

Step 4 advises the reader to control what they can and to let go of what cannot be controlled. This is explained in the article with the metaphor of sailboat being adjusted with the winds. The 5th step is simply to be consistent. Once a person learns to be present and to be aware of one’s thoughts and actions, one can progress towards achieving a goal. Patience is key, which is elaborated in the post, which points out that, “You wouldn’t pull up the first sprouts of a new planting to see if its roots have taken shape. That kind of impatience kills what you’re trying to create. Rather, celebrate the sprouts and know full well that there are forces in nature that cause things to grow when we plant the right seeds, attend to them, and ultimately get out of the way.”

Daniel Mangena is the CEO of Dreamer HQ Inc. As a man who has overcome many obstacles, he strives to help his clientele to do the same. He wishes to inspire individuals to find their unique place in the word, their purpose and the reality and importance of their dream. Through his courses and social media pages, such as Instagram and his official site, he provides the community with the tools and resources they may need to alter their lives in order to fulfil their dreams.

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