Dr Tory Tomassetti Ph.D, a NY Pyschologist, Offers Evidence-Based Couples Therapy

Tory Tomassetti, Ph.D., Manhattan-based psychologist is pleased to announce that she is offering evidence-based couples therapy for people of all ages and relationship statuses. She has gained more than a decade of experience in working with couples at all stages of their relationship, including before marriage and after divorce. Such therapy has been found beneficial by couples when recovering from infidelity, preparing for cohabitation, becoming more effective co-parents after a divorce or separation, and enhancing communication.

Dr. Tomassetti specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for trauma, insomnia, anxiety, and marital/couple distress. As a psychologist engaged in private practice, she offers highly customized, evidence-based care to couples, individuals, and families in the states of New York and Louisiana. She can serve clients in both states through secure teletherapy that is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

She provides short-term therapies for certain conditions like specific phobias, insomnia, and generalized anxiety, as well as more intensive therapies for conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), couple’s distress, and trauma-related disorders. Her approach to therapy is based on her adherence to evidence-based treatments, focus on clients’ strengths and resiliency, and her research experience.

Those seeking science-backed couples therapy with Dr. Tomassetti have two options: Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT). The primary goal of IBCT is to achieve a balance between change and acceptance using the principles of behaviorism. In IBCT, couples learn how to communicate more effectively, reinterpret the behavior of their partner in a positive or neutral manner, and solve problems more efficiently. The changes that occur in both partners as a result of IBCT make the couple feel less polarized and better able to collaborate as a team.

Through EFT, couples become more skilled in expressing their emotions, bolster secure attachment in the relationship, and enhance empathy. By applying the strategy of focusing on the partner’s experience, rather than one’s own experience, there are more opportunities for listening and problem-solving. As a result of this process, couples spend more time listening to each other and spend less time explaining.

In addition to couples therapy, Dr. Tomassetti also provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for individuals. CBT is a collaborative process that starts with the identification of certain goals and working to accomplish those goals in a way that is sustainable. During therapy, participants learn how to identify the thoughts and/or behaviors that are not helpful, and then they are provided with assistance on how to modify those thoughts and/or behaviors in a meaningful manner.

Many people seek CBT to enhance their sense of well-being by reducing everyday anxiety, stress, or mild depression. Others seek CBT to help them solve more difficult problems like trauma, relationship distress, or severe anxiety or phobias. What is common in CBT is the identification of those unhelpful behaviors and thoughts that lead to distress so that these can be changed. Over time, the CBT participants will find that these changes in thoughts or behaviors become automatic and natural as a part of their thinking and/or behavior and the changes become long-lasting.

Dr. Tory Tomassetti offers a number of evidence-based protocols. These include cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia, prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD, cognitive processing therapy for PTSD, exposure and response prevention for OCD, exposure therapy for specific phobias, and single session exposure therapy for specific phobias. CBT is also an evidence-based treatment for: anger management, chronic pain, eating disorders, gambling, habits/ compulsive behaviors, hoarding, irritable bowel syndrome, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and test anxiety/ performance anxiety.

Those who are interested in knowing more about Dr. Tomassetti’s therapy for couples or individuals may want to check out her website or contact her on the phone.


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